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Notable Dates for your Noggin: November 2014

Calendar BannerIntroducing our new monthly update – Notable Dates for your Noggin!  Each month we’ll bring you a compiled list of fun national holidays, birthdays of authors, and publication dates of favorite books.  You can use these for your own personal use or for some library inspiration!

November is Family Literacy Month!

Other things to celebrate in November. . .

Did we miss anything?  Let us know if we did!

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100+ Ways To Creatively Reuse Old Magazines

If you are like me, magazines can reflect more of a love hate relationship. I love it when a new month of magazines arrive in the mail. However, after a few days of immersing myself within its pages, reading and then re-reading the articles, I am left with the question-what next? I had stacks of magazines formed by months and even years of filled subscriptions. So, two months ago I contacted my local librarian to see if the library would be interested in the publications. She instructed me on the types of magazines her customers would most likely be interested in.  This left me with a smaller, but still sizable, stack of unwanted magazines. This month I found a site that gave me 100+ inspirational tips (decor, make your own supplies, accessories, crafts for kids, etc.) on how to re-purpose these once loved glossy pages. I found many applications for my personal collection, who knows what this article might inspire in you or for your library?  Take a moment to search for some new ideas-just for fun!

Some rights reserved by Mannobhai
Some rights reserved by Mannobhai

Just for Fun: ‘Legends of the Library Ninjas’ Graphic Novel

Are you looking for a friendly and fun way to introduce the library to potential new users? If so, consider taking a look at theNinja graphic novel Legends of the Library Ninjas created by students, staff, and librarians at Kansas State University Salina and Kansas Wesleyan University. The graphic novel tells the story of two students as they wander into their college library to do research for a paper (assigned their first day of class!). The students have no clue where to start…. until the Library Ninjas enter the scene!! Be sure to check out Legends of the Library Ninjas and read Library Journal’s review of the graphic novel, too!

What Should I Read Next?

Have you checked out the all new “What Should I Read Next?” http://whatshouldireadnext.com site? Fresh for fall 2012, this is a fun way to get your reading list in order for all that cozy reading time you’re planning! Type in the title or author of your choice (preferably one you loved!) and up pops a list of suggested titles. The list of suggested titles populates from user’s favorites lists – and the more times the titles appear together on user’s lists, the higher the title moves up on the recommendation list. Pretty nifty… but, will never beat reader’s advisory or book talks! 😉 Use it with your patrons and students, too!