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Day Five of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Hopefully you already like your job – but remember that there is a BIG profession out there across  Library and Information Science, with all kinds of interesting job possibilities!

The first job is still open, if you want to throw your hat in for it! (We can help you craft a cover letter and resume here at CMLE HQ!) The other tow are filled – for now. It never hurts to keep an eye out for another lovely job!

  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


    We also offer an exciting work environment, great hands on experience, plus additional professional development workshops and training during the summer session.

    Librarian – Job No. 1702 – The Librarian reports to the Senior Director of Library and Archives and performs descriptive cataloging of library resources; assists in providing instruction and reference service and engaging users through outreach activities; assists in the collection development of library resources; and supervises the work of the Library Assistant, interns, and volunteers.

  • UC Santa Cruz Wants YOU to Research the Grateful Dead!

    “OK guys, start dusting off your resumes. Miraculously there are still jobs out there in the world–for former stoners, no less. But lest you think the position is all about smoking up rather than buckling down, you need a Master’s to snag this job. Check out the full description after the jump, and let us know if you get the gig.

    Grateful Dead Archivist
    The University Library of the University of California, Santa Cruz, seeks an enterprising, creative, and service-oriented archivist to join the staff of Special Collections & Archives (SC&A) as Archivist for the Grateful Dead Archive. This is a potential career status position. The Archivist will be part of a dynamic, collegial, and highly motivated department dedicated to building, preserving, promoting, and providing maximum access both physically and virtually to one of the Library’s most exciting and unique collections, The Grateful Dead Archive (GDA). The UCSC University Library utilizes innovative approaches to allow the discovery, use, management, and sharing of information in support of research, teaching, and learning.”

    (Read through the job ad – it’s a pretty standard archiving job – but you certainly get to deal with some interesting material!)

  • Archivist for Beyonce

    Even Sasha Fierce needs Archives/Archivists

    So today I was checking the INALJ (I Need a Library Job) daily email of job postings when I came upon this:

    Digital Archivist for Beyonce Parkwood Entertainment No location given- probably NYC Parkwood Entertainment is seeking a digital archivist interested in organizing and building an archive for a major pop star (Beyonce) starting with approximately 130 TB of footage with an eye to expanding further in the future. Candidates should have experience with servers and enterprise class storage and be able to recommend hardware solutions. Looking for someone to start immediately, pay is negotiable.  Prospective applicants should e-mail resume and cover letter to: Annette Govan – Ag@Parkwoodent.com and William Kirstein – William.Kirstein@gmail.com

Day Four of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!


If you, like me, are old enough to remember the days when we wrote our names in library books to borrow them, you remember how fun it was to find someone’s name you knew. (Older kids were so cool!)

In this book, someone found a name we ALL know:
Elvis Presley!

“The library card, which Presley, then 13 years old, signed to check out a copy of “The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson For Young Readers” from Humes High School in Memphis in 1948, is expected to sell for more than $3,500 when it is sold on August 14.”

This is a couple of years old, but check out the entire Huffington Post article about the card!

Day Three of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Does your community have a library bookmobile?

Bookmobiles are great! They can help you to reach out to community members who may not be easily served by your brick and mortar locations, they can be great PR for the library, and they are just fun.

Maybe you have a van. Or you might use one of those cool book bikes! Or you may have some other way of providing mobile library service.

But you probably do not have a bookmobile anything like this one!

knls camel library 9

The Camel Library in Kenya!

“The camel library service is an innovative initiative of the Kenya National Library Service that has won accolades for its efforts in promoting literacy and reading culture in arid and far flung regions of North Eastern Kenya. In this innovative initiative, camels carry books in boxes specifically made for the project and take them to children in far-flung schools. Also included in the boxes are tents and mats for children to use in the field.  This initiative has been successful in providing relevant books since inception and is an alternative to the motorised mobile library service available in other parts of the country.”

0knls camel library 1.2.3

knls camel library 1.2.4

Day Two of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Wiki uspsMany of the libraries in the CMLE system serve small and rural communities, as do many libraries across Minnesota. Wouldn’t  it be convenient to combine the great things libraries provide with the necessary services of the post office??

No need to dream about it: this already exists! (Yes: libraries are such cool places, other people want to join with us!!)

Village Post Offices

You can get their FAQs, and also find a list of post offices to use yourself!

“The U.S. Postal Service announced the concept of the Village Post Office in July 2011 as a way to continue providing convenient access to postal products and services in more rural communities across the nation.

The first Village Post Office (VPO) opened in Malone, WA, in August 2011. On Dec. 19, 2012, the100th VPO, located in Linden, IN, began operations.

  • VPOs are located within existing communities in a variety of locations, including convenience stores, local businesses and libraries, and are operated by the management of those locations.
  • VPOs offer a range of popular products and services — the ones most used by customers — including PO Boxes, Forever stamps, Pre-paid Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes and a mail collection box.
  • By being located inside established businesses and other places consumers already frequent, VPOs offer Postal Service customers time-saving convenience, and in most cases, longer hours than regular Post Offices.
  • VPOs provide operators — in most cases, the local business owners — with opportunities for increased customer foot traffic and revenue, as well as providing additional services for their customers and clients.”

Here are our Minnesota Village Post Office locations – I’m not sure if any of these are in libraries, but it’s a possibility!

Badger VPO 201 N Main St Badger MN 56714 11/26/2013
Bejou VPO 218 Hwy 59 Bejou MN 56516 4/22/2014
Brooks VPO 106 Hwy 59 S Brooks MN 56715 11/22/2013
Buckman VPO 9394 Hwy 25 Buckman MN 56317 12/1/2013
Fifty Lakes VPO 40447 Town Hall Rd Fifty Lakes MN 56448 7/25/2014
Miltona VPO 233 Main St Miltona MN 56354 10/22/2014
Plummer VPO 131 Central Ave E Plummer MN 56748 3/15/2013
Red Lake Falls VPO 405 Bridge St Red Lake Falls MN 56750 5/15/2014
Rothsay VPO 106 2nd St SW Rothsay MN 56579 4/28/2014
Vergas VPO 105 E Main St Vergas MN 56587-0219 6/21/2013
Wahkon VPO 104 N Main Wahkon MN 56386 10/23/2014

Call for live bloggers at the 2017 Annual Conference

“In just a few short weeks, librarians will head to Chicago for ALA’s Annual Conference. This event includes a full line-up of ALSC programs, including the President’s Program & Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder Awards Banquet, hundreds of exhibits to explore, and much more. We’d love it if you would consider being a live blogger!

If YOU are heading to the Conference in June, consider sharing your experiences on the ALSC Blog so everyone—especially those #leftbehind—can have a feel for what the conference is like.

Sound interesting? Contact Mary Voors, ALSC Blog manager, at alscblog@gmail.com, for all the information you need to volunteer as a live blogger from the conference.


Mary R. Voors
ALSC Blog manager