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CMLE is celebrating Mardi Gras!

Angie decorated our cake! Drop by to enjoy a slice before it’s all gone!

CMLE members – we have a King Cake here in the office, and invite you to drop by to try a piece! It may go fast, so we can’t guarantee it will last; but if you miss the cake, we also have Valentine’s Day candy canes to distribute. At CMLE Headquarters, we are always ready to celebrate a holiday!!

If you are not familiar with the history of King Cakes as part of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, Wikipedia has some good information. And NPR wrote a story about their discovery of King Cakes: “Is that a Plastic Baby Jesus in my Cake?

From our bakery’s information on the history of King Cakes:

“Today in New Orleans, the King Cake is an oval-shaped braided coffee cake which is decorated with cinnamon sugar in the official Mardi Gras colors – gold (for power), green (faith), and purple (justice) – and contains a tiny plastic baby that has replaced the coin used in medieval times. The person who gets the slice of cake with the baby in it must host the next party. At come parties, they are crowned king or queen. [Mary’s Note: more traditionally, the person finding the baby buys the next cake!] The cake, a gift shared by family, friends, and revelers alike, is eaten between the Twelfth Night and FatTuesday, the beginning of Lent. However, the cake often begins appearing during Christmas.”


Libraries and Pop Culture: A Natural Partnership!


We have already established that library people are extremely cool, and naturally other people have taken notice of that! Libraries and library people are represented prolifically in popular culture. Last week we talked about libraries in the comics. And we are also well represented across all types of pop culture: books, movies, games, TV shows.

Pop culture is not just for fun (though, of course that would be fine!); there are many academic areas of study looking at aspects of pop culture. The Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association holds annual conferences for people involved in pop culture scholarship from across the country, as well as smaller regional conferences.

Of course, they have a section just for Libraries, Archives, and Museums! (Disclaimer: I have presented twice at their annual conferences. And it was fantastic!!)

One of my studies looked at the images of library people in pop culture, to see what kind of images people in our profession were identifying with as part of their own professional image. If you would like to build up your own reference collection of library pop culture images, here are some of their suggestions (not in any order): Continue reading Libraries and Pop Culture: A Natural Partnership!

New Teen Read Week theme: "Read for the fun of it!"

RainbowEncouraging teens to read can itself be a challenge. But what about inspiring a love of reading in teens that speak a language other than English?

YALSA is addressing this issue with their multilingual “Read for the fun of it” theme during Teen Read Week, October 9–15. According to their 2016 Teen Read Week website, 22% of the nation’s youth speak a language other than English at home. This year’s Teen Read Week poster features the theme in the six most spoken languages in the US: English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Tagalog.

YALSA encourages libraries to highlight services and resources for multilingual teens. Eligible library staff, afterschool providers, and educators can now apply for a YALSA 2016 Teen Read Week Activity Grant to support activities aimed at youth that speak English as a second language

Use the hashtag #TRW16 to join the conversation on social media!

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/omzxm4x, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

#CatBooks: Title rewrites with cats as audience!

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/mmw5y8x, licensed under CC BY 2.0This installment of Just for Fun, reminds you to smile!

Nothing goes together better than cats and books. Read on for some edits of popular titles made just for cats!

The Lord of the Strings from @_wintergirl93

The Color Purrple from @Wieneraaron

The Perks of Eating a Wallflower from @MilesToGo13

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: A Comprehensive Guide to Luring your Prey from @rick_wittkopp65

One Hundred Years of Catitude from @KahluaSin

The Power of Meow from @heyitsjessyoung

Read the whole article here (includes some great visual aids)

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/mmw5y8x, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Infographics for You to Use: Fun Ones!

Want to use infographics in your space, but don’t have the time to create your own from scratch?  Well, thanks to A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet, we have infographics of all kinds – this last week, five fun ones!  Click on the links to see the full infographics.

29 29 Ways to Stay Creative
 comic At-A-Glance Comic Tutorials
 Tales Telling Tales: The Evolution of Four Stories
 Twain The Top 10 List of Famous Mark Twain Quotes
 HP A Visual Summary of Harry Potter

More Infographics for You to Use: Reading and its Benefits, Libraries and Librarians, Books and eBooks, Information Literacy, Copyright, Attribution, and PlagiarismDigital Citizens, Press and Visuals, and Writing and Grammar.