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CMLE Resources: Gamification

CMLE is here for you with all kinds of resources and information. Each week we will share a look at another piece of that information, to help draw some attention to resources that may help you as you serve your community.Gamification techniques 5

Gamification Resources

Libraries can be leaders in gamification. You can use these tools to help your staff and patrons to build skills, to learn about your resources, to explore information literacy, or whatever else you want to accomplish!

Gamification is not “just” playing games; it’s a strategy to learn things, try things, and to practice things without so much pressure to avoid failure. Want to encourage people to try something new or hard? Gamify it!

Thinking that learning needs to be dull, or done in a specific way just because it has been done that way, is limited. Expand your possibilities by gamifying your library!

We provide several resources for you to read on this page, and are happy to chat with you about gamifying work in your own library!

Spotlight Program: Murder in the Stacks

At CMLE, we so enjoy all our different types of libraries, archives, and other members! Seeing all the work you are doing is so inspiring; and we want to return the favor by helping you to find some of the great programming going on around the profession.

Each week we will share an interesting program we find. It may inspire you to do exactly the same thing; or to try something related; or just to try out some different programming ideas. (On November 9, 2017, we will drop a podcast episode on Library Programming; you can tune in here to check it out! Or, of course, subscribe or stream to enjoy any of the episodes!)

Murder in the Stacks

Have you been to the Twin Falls Public Library in Idaho? I have not (yet!), but it sounds like a great place – and maybe just a little scary! A library with staff who can come up with such fun programming sounds delightful; but all these faux mysteries might make for a scary workplace. (I absolutely can not wait to go visit! Anyone want to take a CMLE road trip to Idaho??)

From their website:

“One of the most popular adult games we’ve done is our interactive murder mystery (especially among our staff, who serves as guinea pigs before we unveil a new one to the public). Basically a game similar to “Clue”, the games revolve around a mystery to be solved – who, where, and with what weapon. Running such a live game can be as labor intensive as you want. I have a tendency to go a bit overboard, so I’ll describe my process, which can be tailored for your skills/desires/needs.” Continue reading Spotlight Program: Murder in the Stacks

Suggestions needed for D&D Programs!

File:Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition logo.svg

From a library listserve – if you have any other suggestions can be posted to comments!

“A coworker of mine (who is not a programmer) wants to host a recurring D&D program for people to come and play on a drop-in basis. I have zero experience with this game, as I don’t play, and I’m curious to know if anyone else has hosted D&D programs on a recurring basis? Is it more efficient to host it often or more like once a month? I’m not sure how often to host this program, and I’m concerned because typically, recurring program series haven’t done well at our library.

Any advice/tips would be welcome!”

Continue reading Suggestions needed for D&D Programs!

Cast some Harry Potter spells!

If you are a Harry Potter fan, there are so many opportunities out there to attempt to recreate the magical spells from the book. One of my favorite recent versions is the Google-enabled control of the flashlight on your Android device.

Another new opportunity to try your hand at spell work comes in the form of a free, downloadable game! Designed by a student at Princeton University, this game looks pretty fun. Check out this article to read about the game’s debut at a Harry Potter library event, and don’t forget to watch the video of each spell!

Accio fun!



Spell Simulation game a Princeton University student designed for our recent Harry Potter event. There’s video of the 6 spells, and also a free download! https://popgoesthepage.princeton.edu/magicus-extremos/

Early Literacy Board Games

Games are fun!

More games in the library mean more fun we are having!! This is always a good thing!

Finding games for young patrons can be a challenge; so we have complied a list of suggested games for our younger patrons. Do you have other ideas? Leave them in the comments below!


Peaceable Kingdom Dinosaur Escape Award Winning Cooperative Game for Kids

  •  Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game




  • Shake And Take – The Fast And Frantic Search For Aliens




  • The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

  • Hoot Owl Hoot! Cooperative Board Game



  • Outfoxed