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Let’s Move! Libraries

International Space Station replica
“Hello everyone,

I am announcing a new project: “Let’s Move! Libraries.” At the project website you will find information on movement-based programs in public libraries throughout North America (think yoga/tai chi/Zumba in the library, StoryWalks, music and movement, walking groups, etc.). The overall goal of this project is to strengthen work already underway in public libraries that seeks to get our communities up and moving.

If you work in a public library in Minnesota, please consider taking a few minutes to fill out this short survey about any programs or services your library provides, has provided in the past, or is planning to provide in the future. The results from this survey will be shared on the project website in Fall 2017.

Please share this message with others you think may be interested in this project. Thank you for your time! I look forward to your feedback.

Noah Lenstra
Assistant Professor
Library and Information Studies
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Cheer on the CMLE Bike Team!

As you may be aware, at CMLE HQ we are huge fans of our bike desks. We appreciate the focus that biking brings us while we work, and they are a healthy addition to our work space!

Since we bike at our desks every day, we thought it would be fun to start tracking the miles to see how far we can travel. That was how we created the idea for our Virtual Library Bike Tour! Each week we will track our mileage and will virtually “visit” libraries along our trip.

We have an in-person map with pins (Orange = Angie, Blue = Mary) for visual tracking and will of course be keeping track online as well. Follow our progress on Google Maps here!

Each library that we “visit” will be linked to and briefly described on our Twitter account @CMLEBikeTeam.

So far, on my way out west, I’ve “visited” St. Cloud Public Library, Clemens Library at St. Ben’s, and Alcuin Library at St. John’s!

Follow along and visit libraries across the country with us as we embark on this biking adventure!

And of course, if you’d like a bike desk of your own, check them out on Amazon.

Biking while working – at the library!

Read the article here – these look so fun!

In this article from American Libraries, Troy University in Alabama is featured because of their awesome new additions – six exercise bikes with tables for laptops that were purchased for student use!
Three bikes are available in the library’s student space at the main campus in Troy, and three are available at the university’s extension campus in Dothan, AL. The additions have been so popular and well-received that the university has ordered three more bikes and six elliptical machines that can be used under tables while students are seated!

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Stress Management: Why Bother??

which way do you want to go??


We all feel it, and the end of year can bring all kinds of extra stress for us with the semester winding down and holiday celebrations winding up. Working in libraries is no protection against workplace stressors; in fact, working with patrons – which is generally rewarding – can provide a significant amount of stress in our daily work.

I have spent a lot of time talking with library people across the country about workplace stress, and it was pretty depressing. Most of us are here because we enjoy our jobs, they provide us with a lot of professional satisfaction, and despite the problems we face libraries are still great places to work!

But minimizing discussion of workplace stress just minimizes the real problems we face. It is better to face the issue, and to help ourselves and our staff to resolve problems that can be fixed and to get some training to handle problems that cannot. Stress causes all kinds of problems, from an uncomfortable workplace to workers suffering from burnout and never able to return to their jobs. Employee health is an important part of providing good service, and stress can just torpedo that.

Everywhere I went to conferences to talk about stress, people would come up to me and whisper that they were glad someone was talking about this. They thought they were alone in it, that they were doing something wrong because they were feeling stress.

Ignoring stress does not make it go away!

Thinking that “real” librarians wouldn’t get stressed is incorrect!

Acknowledging this is an issue in our profession is important – and the best way to help us all to overcome it. We need to think about ways to manage workplace stress on the individual level, in our library organizations, and across the profession.

So this is our December Monthly Topic: Stress Management. We can’t fix everything in your workplace, but we hope we can give you some tools to work with and some ideas to think about in your library.  Continue reading Stress Management: Why Bother??

Stay Fit at Work

Image by UrbaneWomanMag. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons' licensing.
Image by UrbaneWomanMag. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons’ licensing.

This time of the year, surrounded by holiday sweets and treats, you may be looking for tips and tricks to stay in shape. MakeUseOf posted an article you might find helpful, while at work.

Just for fun, here are 8 Easy Exercises to Help You Stay Fit at Your Desk (October 2013)