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Weekly Holiday Series: National Improve Your Office Day

Kit Out My Office's 'HD Colour' (orange) office furniture

All of us at CMLE are fans of celebrating – you should see our office with our seasonally changing decorations! So each week we look at anther fun holiday we can celebrate.

This week, on October 4th, we are celebrating
National Improve Your Office Day!

I love the idea of this holiday! At CMLE HQ we do a lot to improve our office area. Our offices are in a warehouse, with no windows in the entire building. So we have full-spectrum light-bulbs in lamps all over the place, and we keep plants and flowers in the office. We hang lights that change seasonally (we are about to switch over to Fall lights). We bought these cool “windows” we can stick to the walls, so we have a variety of different views, depending on what we want to do.

To make us all feel better, we have our Official Office Bear: Orville!

And, of course we have our delightful Office Hours Companion Dog (who can double as a therapy dog for those who can really use someone to pat): Lady Grey!

So what can you do to adjust your work space to make it nicer? Or more organized and useful?

Here are a few ideas you can try out:

Weekly Holiday: Sept. 29th is National Coffee Day!

Here’s another reason to look forward to Friday: it’s National Coffee Day! Not that you need a reason to justify your daily cup (or cups, we aren’t judging).

There are so many ways to enjoy this delicious caffeinated beverage, especially this time of year (Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?) so we decided to make a list of different ways you could celebrate this energizing holiday:

  • Of course coffee is delicious by itself, but why not incorporate it into some recipes? This article claims to contain the best coffee recipes on Pinterest, this one will help you make Chocolate Dipped Mocha popsicles, and in case you really want to splurge, whip up some Caramel Coffee Glazed Nutella donuts!
  • Read up on the health benefits of coffee from the Mayo Clinic, but remember that probably doesn’t apply to the donuts from the previous tip.
  • If you really want to show your knowledge about coffee, read about the History of Coffee.
  • And of course, National Coffee Day is the best day to share your love of coffee online! You can use some of the hashtags from this article.
  • Still need more ways to celebrate? Check out this article for additional suggestions.

I’m just excited to have an excuse to visit my favorite coffee shop, The Local Blend in St. Joe! Where is your favorite place to purchase or enjoy coffee? Let us know in the comments!

Weekly holiday: World Gratitude Day!

All of us at CMLE are fans of celebrating – you should see our office with our seasonally changing decorations! So each week we look at anther fun holiday we can celebrate.

This week we are ready to celebrate World Gratitude Day! Thursday, Sept.  21 is this exciting day, celebrated around the world.

So what are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for the waterfalls, hiking trails, and lovely state parks all over Minnesota!

At CMLE HQ, we are grateful for many things – but of course, a lot of them of them revolve around libraries! We are grateful for our members. We are grateful for our library visits. We are grateful for our assorted friends and supporters. We are grateful for Orville, our Official Office Bear, our plants, and decorations. We are grateful for our podcasts, our social gatherings with members, and all the fun library things we get to do!

I’m thankful for nice doggies, especially wearing life jackets!

So look around your library. What are you grateful for this week? Patrons? Co-workers? The neat books you have?? Take a few moments to ponder this for yourself, and to remember that even in the annoying days that happen in any library job – we have a lot of good things to be grateful for here in this generally good profession! Feel free to leave grateful comments below!

If you have not had one of these doughnuts in Grand Marais, you have missed a wonderful experience – one to be grateful for in any event!


Weekly Holiday Series: Sept. 15th is Online Learning Day!

Have you participated in webinars, done online training, or taken online classes? Then you should definitely celebrate National Online Learning Day on September 15th!

Wondering how to celebrate this holiday? Take a look at this article from Fuel Education, which has a few suggestions, including using the hashtag #OnlineLearningDay when you share your own experiences with online learning on social media!

Or you could check out our Continuing Education Calendar, updated frequently to bring you library-related training opportunities, many of which are online or free!

Interested in the impact of online learning in K-12 education? This article from Learning.com discusses some benefits like access and personalization that can come from incorporating online learning.

Finally, maybe the best way to celebrate the day is to get online and learn something new! Learn a new language, practice your music theory, or join a Twitter chat about a topic you are interested in.

Weekly Holiday Series: Reading, Literacy, and Bears

This week we have several important holidays for the library world!

This should probably be one of the major holidays in the library year of celebration: National Read a Book Day!! This year it falls on Wednesday, September 6. Orville, the Official Office Bear, is a fan of celebrating.

“Reading improves memory and concentration as well as reduces stress.   Older adults who spend time reading show a slower cognitive decline and tend to participate in more mentally stimulating activities over their lifetime.  Books are an inexpensive entertainment, education and time machine, too!

How To Observe: Sit back, relax and read a book.  Use #ReadABookDay to post on social media.”

Everyone join in on this holiday, and share it with your community!


September 8 is International Literacy Day! This is the 50th anniversary of the holiday from UNESCO.  “This year marks the 50th anniversary of International Literacy Day and UNESCO is celebrating it under the banner “Reading the Past, Writing the Future”. International Literacy Day 2016 celebrates and honours the past five decades of national and international engagement, efforts and progress made to increase literacy rates around the world. It also addresses current challenges and looks to innovative solutions to further boost literacy in the future.”

And our final holiday of the week is September 9: Teddy Bear Day! Clearly this is a day of significance to Orville! As our Official Office Bear, he has many important duties to fulfill, including greeting guests, working with Office Dog Lady Grey at CMLE office hours (every even-numbered Wednesday, from 11:00 to 1:00), and serving as our podcast mascot and logo! Does your library have teddy bears? Feel free to send us photos to  post to social media!