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Episode 111: Holidays

Ariel, Mary, and Angie

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Welcome, everyone, to Books and Beverages! This week we are discussing Holidays! We love to celebrate, and take any opportunity to do so; and in this episode we look at all kinds of holidays and an associated book or two. We will all learn about new holidays and some new books – exploration and celebration is always fun!

We are the Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange, and we support all types of libraries. This is our book group podcast, where we discuss different genres of books each week, while we all sit in our comfy chairs and drink our beverages. And you are, of course, an important part of this book group. So if you do not already have a nice beverage please go get one, so you can join the experience.

Who is joining our reading group this week? This week we welcome back frequent book group guest Ariel Kirst, from Great River Library System!

Reading about holidays is a great way to explore new cultures, to add to your current celebrations, and to just enjoy yourself with the fun of holidays! (Not all the holidays are positive and fun; but all are times to set aside your daily routine and to focus on some new ideas.)

We are going to share a book suggestion for each of these holidays, with a variety of genres and age ranges represented, and all will be on our website in case you cannot take notes right now. We love to celebrate, and we love to read books; and this was so fun to assemble to this week’s discussion!

Check out our full information page for all the holidays and books!

Day Forty One of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

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If you might like to celebrate Christmas in July, this page from the site Library Thing could inspire you! (It really happens in December, but if you want to start a Secret Santa program in your library – we support you!)

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