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National Library Week is coming soon!

Even though every day is a great day to celebrate libraries, there is a special week each year designated to highlight their importance and awesomeness!

This year, that week is from April 9 – 15 and “is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and library workers and to promote library use and support.”

This year’s theme for the week is “Libraries Transform.” ALA has a Press Kit to help you prepare for activities and events you may want to plan to take place during this exciting week! Check out their library week fact sheet or watch this video from the 2016 National Library Week Video Challenge

For some great suggestions on how to celebrate National Library Week, check out this post from I Love Libraries.

We’d love to hear about your plans for National Library Week! Share with us in the comments!

Sixteen quotes about loving libraries

Library books
Libraries are great for so many reasons!

We all know libraries are fantastic, and good places to spend your time. Just in case you’d like a reminder though, check out this article from the Book Bub blog that features cool photos and quotes about the joy of libraries.

Here’s another article, this time from Buzzfeed, about people appreciating the importance of libraries, and this one even has lovely pictures of famous libraries!

Do you have any quotes from people that have said how much they appreciate your library or media center? Or, do you have a special shout-out to a particular library that is great? Share with us in the comments!

Library Quotes

Image by Caitlinator. Retrieved from FlickR. Used under Creative Commons' licensing.
Image by Caitlinator. Retrieved from FlickR. Used under Creative Commons’ licensing.

Have you noticed that some librarians always include some sort of cool quote with their signature file on their email? Have you wondered where they find these cool quotes that make them look so bright and knowledgeable? Well, believe it or not, there is an entire database devoted to library quotes.

According to the I Love Libraries site, the database ” …is a rich resource of quotes about libraries, reading, books, literacy, and more, by authors, celebrities, politicians, historic figures, activists, philanthropists, and other well-known people. So many prominent people have articulated their love for the library. This collection of quotes enables library advocates to use those words to help them make the case for libraries in their communities.”

Visit the site now for your rotation of cool quotes!


14 Ways Public Libraries Are Good for the Country

An oldie but a goodie, this information has been offered before in other venues. It resides on the iLoveLibraries.org site (an initiative of the American Library Association). This little list is a great source to review so you have a solid set of talking points as we move into new relationships with legislators. You always need to have your “elevator speech” ready!

It is sometimes harder (takes more time too) to explain and speak to the virtues and issues of special, school, and academic libraries, because without a full explanation about funding streams and mission, it is easy jump to a conclusion of redundancy. But most legislators fully understand public libraries, a well-loved, well understood concept. The concise little list of 14 is available at http://tinyurl.com/8ryvrfx 

*The list linked to in this post originally appeared in the Librarians Books of Lists (Chicago: ALA Editions, 2010).