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Touring Kimball Elementary school library

For someone who is not regularly around small kids, it’s always a treat to visit an elementary school library – you see just how much thought goes into making everything size-appropriate for the patrons! That kind of usability is important in all libraries, but in a library like this it is clearly on display and fun to see.

This library is a fun open-concept design! No walls cut them off from the rest of the school, so everything feels very open and flexible. They are recessed below the hallways around them, so there is privacy and a sense of specific place; and I love this feeling of being connected to the daily activities around them.

Continuing the idea of design making the library connect with the kid patrons, this art on the wall was just lovely. Kids could see this and be really inspired to read books – but also to just dream about great things!

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Kimball Students Give Up Cell Phones to Avoid Final Exam

white-iphone-4-1We all know how much most students love their cell phones. We also understand test anxiety, and if I might add, in the area of math! So, the choice was put forth as a challenge from a math teacher: If you can give up your cell phone for one week, you don’t have to take the math final. Are you curious about the outcome of the challenge?

Get the details by either watching the video or reading the article at the Kare 11 site at http://tinyurl.com/nvna62j