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We found a Kickstarter for you: Girls At the Library!

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You probably know the idea of Kickstarter: people doing interesting and cool things put their ideas online, and then other people can support that project at different levels. It is always interesting to sit down and browse through this site; people are doing AMAZING things out there, and it is fun to be a part of that! (Yes, I’ve backed several Kickstarter projects, and enjoyed it!)

This one sounded like a project many of us might be interested in, as we are generally a group of book fans! It is called Girls At The Library. GAL (Girls at Library) is an online magazine that connects women through the act of reading. By bringing women’s stories and the literature they read to life, we reveal how books have challenged, changed, and enlightened these women’s lives. GAL inspires its readers, through the lens of every woman’s unique story, to explore new literature and ideas and the many illuminating ways in which reading can empower the individual. We encourage our audience to experience life not through looks, but through books….Our mission is to build confidence in young women: through reading and education, they can reach limitless potential despite their circumstances. This is the power of literature.”

You can choose to support this at all different levels: Continue reading We found a Kickstarter for you: Girls At the Library!