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Local Poetry Reading!

Joyce Sutphen Minnesota Poet Laureate
Joyce Sutphen Minnesota Poet Laureate

Featured guest at the April Book Lovers Night is poet and author Joyce Sutphen.  In 2011, this St. Josephn native was named the second Minnesota Poet Laureate by Governor Mark Dayton.  Sutphen will be participating in a reading at 7:oo pm this Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at the College of Saint Benedict in Saint Joseph, Minnesota. This event is free and open to the public! Click here for more details.

Also note, Sutphen will be available for a book signing after her presentation. The CSB/SJU Bookstore will offer recommended books for sale at 20 percent off during the event. 

Everyone On?

This post has been written by Nancy Walton, Minnesota State Librarian

  • While the focus of this message is on public libraries, the understanding is that other libraries and may be interested in leveraging this campaign. More information will be available over time.

On March 21st, Connect2Compete (C2C), http://connect2compete.org/, launched a 3-year national public service campaign to promote digital literacy called EveryoneOn, http://everyoneon.org. The key message of the campaign is to encourage limited or non-Internet users to learn how to do “one thing better online”. Public libraries and their community partners are key to the success of this effort due to their demonstrated commitment to providing free access to the Internet as well as to improving people’s skills (e.g. using a mouse, applying for jobs online, creating email accounts, and so much more). While some libraries offer formal classes, all libraries offer public access computers and skilled assistance to patrons at point-of-use.

EveryoneOn Campaign Materials:

Libraries and community partners can begin using these campaign materials at any time via this Ad Council website for EveryoneOn, http://everyoneon.adcouncil.org/. Additional campaign materials for EveryoneOn, including logos, graphics and examples of public service announcements are expected to be made available later this month. Libraries and their community partners will have full access to these campaign materials to promote digital literacy in local communities.

With some preliminary support from the Ad Council, the St. Paul Public Library did a Kickoff event today – 3-21 On! EveryoneOn.org Kickoff. Check their Facebook page for photos!

EveryoneOn is designed to raise awareness of the importance of digital literacy skills – which libraries have embraced for years. This is a great opportunity to promote public libraries as a trusted and valuable provider of free public access technology and training as we strive to build stronger communities.


Libraries will be invited to view a webinar that will discuss EveryoneOn, including campaign toolkit materials and how they might be used.

Training Locator Database:

Connect2Compete is creating a Training Locator database with details about the services and resources the library and their community partners make available to help people learn digital literacy skills or access the Internet. Using information from the Institute of Museums and Library Services and the American Library Association, Connect2Compete has created a database of information about public libraries in the United States.

The database will power a Training Locator tool for people interested in finding digital literacy training or public access computers in their area. A 1-800 phone number will also be available with this information for those without internet access.

Important Notes to Minnesota Library Staff:

  1. Your help may be needed to update this database with information about what each library location/branch currently offers.
  2. We are advising Minnesota libraries to wait to update their entries until further notice. C2C had a tight launch timeframe, and they will be tweaking the data load for Minnesota libraries. While instructions and a link for updating the Training Locator database are on the Connect2Compete site, we suggest you wait to update Minnesota library entries until further notice from Minnesota State Library Services to avoid possible duplication of effort.
  3. Your help to promote the database will be needed in the future. At the moment, C2C is resolving known search problems. So, if you play with the Locator and encounter challenges, try again in a few days. C2C considers 3/21 a “soft launch” for EveryoneOn.

Look for more information soon! If any questions, please contact Mary Ann Van Cura (651-582-8632 or mary.ann@state.mn.us).


Nancy Walton, Director & State Librarian

Save The Dates!

Calendar. deancollege
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If you are thinking ahead about potential conferences and/or events this summer-you may consider adding these to your calendar!

1) MN Digital Library 11th Annual Meeting on June 4th at the U of M, St. Paul Campus.

  • The keynote speaker will discuss how he was able to incorporate technology and multimedia tools to store and share stories.

2) Minnesota eLearning Summit is scheduled for July 29th-30th in St. Paul, Minnesota.

  • Focus of the event is online teaching, learning, and digital tools including eFolio.


MNLibLeg: Libraries in Bonding Bill and Update!

This CMLE Update has been provided by Mark Ranum, MLA Legislative Chair

Alice Hausman, Chair of the Capital Investment Committee, asked last week about a library request for the bonding bill being proposed this year.  We have submitted a request for $3M for the public library construction and accessibility grant program.  It’s HF1501 http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/bills/billnum.asp?billnumber=hf1501

All library bills we are pursuing as a part of the library platform have now been introduced.  The other bills are listed below.

2013 Library Legislative Platform Issues Status: Bills, Authors, and Committees

1. Fund Regional Public Library Basic System Support.

  • SF453    Wiger
  • HF630   Marquart

2. Fund Multicounty, Multitype Regional Library System Support.

  • SF453    Wiger
  • HF630   Marquart

3. Fund Telecommunications Equity Aid and Regional Library Telecommunications Aid.

  • SF453    Wiger
  • HF630   Marquart

4. Fund Minitex at $5,631,000 each year of the biennium.

  • SF995     Eken, Clausen
  • HF1150   Winkler, Nornes, Brynaert

5. Fund MnLINK at $400,000 each year of the biennium.

  • SF995     Eken, Clausen
  • HF1150    Winkler, Nornes, Brynaert

6. Fund Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) at current levels each year of the biennium

  • SF781      Hoffman, Johnson, Stumpf, Jensen, Nelson
  • HF1145   Brynaert, S. Erickson

7.  Dedicate the entire proceeds of the Permanent School Fund for school technology and library media resources to support Common Core Standards and other initiatives.

  • No action.  Lack of support from the Governor and House/Senate Leadership.

8.  Appropriate $750,000 in the first year and $600,000 in the second year of the biennium to subscribe, implement, and promote free, online homework help for all MN students.

  • SF781       Hoffman, Johnson, Stumpf, Jensen, Nelson
  • HF1145    Brynaert, S. Erickson

9.  Change the Regional Public Library Legacy funding formula by replacing the equalization factor in the formula with a “qualifying system entities” factor.

  • Elaine Keefe and Mark Ranum are working to include this in the appropriation language.
  • No specific lobbying effort is required at this time on this specific issue.

10. Fund Regional Public Library Legacy initiatives at $4,250,000 for each year of the biennium from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

  • No bill number.  The process to request funds does not require a bill.
  • We have testified in the House Legacy Committee on our request.  The Senate Legacy Committee has not met to hear requests from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

11.  Fund the Minnesota Digital Library at $750,000 to expand into a statewide digital preservation initiative from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

  • No bill number.  The process to request funds does not require a bill.

12.  Add data privacy protection for electronic materials and services to MS13.40.

  • SF745      Diedzic, Latz, Nelson
  • HF695     Simon

Mark Ranum, Director
Plum Creek Library System
Box 697
290 S. Lake Street
Worthington, MN 56187
507.376.5803 ext. 1 (office)
612.701.9989 (cell)

There will also be a Senate companion to HF 1501.  Sen. Alice Johnson has signed on as our chief author.  I hope to get it introduced on Monday. 
Elaine Keefe, Capitol Hill Associates

Register for the 2013 Technology and Communication Conference!

Sponsored by MAP for Nonprofits & Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Whether you consider yourself an early adopter — or you tend to pick up newer trends more cautiously — the 2013 Technology and Communication Conference is the place for you!

This conference is sure to help anyone stay (or get) up to speed with today’s tools and trends with an eye to the future of mobile marketing, cloud computing and much more. The event will be held in Minneapolis on Wednesday, April 10th early morning breakout sessions begin at 7:30 a.m..  Click here to read more=>