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Day Sixty One of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Now I Know

I like to know things.

Okay, that’s not surprising; I’m a librarian and it’s pretty much in the job description.

So it makes me happy to get nice pieces of information emailed to me on are regular basis! And one of my favorites arrives Monday thru Friday (sometimes with a bonus selection of reading recommendations on Friday!): Now I Know.

“You’ll learn things like:

The creator is Dan (spoiler: he works for Sesame Street, one of my favorite kid shows of all time!) This is his “About” page; I think you will get a good idea of how fun his daily newsletter would be to receive. Sign up yourself!

“Hi. I’m Dan. I’m a dad. And a husband.

And a Mets fan.

I can tell you how to get to Sesame Street. (Kind of.)

I have an email newsletter with more than 100,000 subscribers. It’s about trivia. Pee-Wee Herman once tweeted about it.

In 2013, I wrote a book.

My forehead is in a YouTube video with more than 20 million views.

I once had a startup, but I sold it to the founder of Wikipedia. I didn’t make nearly as much money as the press reported.

I’ve made important public statements concerning Big Bird’s bedtime.

I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books at least twice.

I can vibrate my eyes.

I’ve never eaten bacon.

I’ve tweeted over 50,000 times.

I was not in Gangs of New York.

I’ve gotten 4096 in 2048.

I’ve fed cookies to Cookie Monster.

I once started a petition which ended up with more than 150,000 signatures.

I’m a recovering lawyer.

I created a legal argument which went to the Supreme Court (and the Court rejected).

I taught a five-year-old about square roots.

I went to Tufts. And Cardozo.

I curate under-$20 gift ideas to make Secret Santa easier for people.

I’ve been the New York Mets Designated Driver of the Game three times.

In 2014, I wrote another book.

I am the Connecticut State Magic the Gathering Champion (1997) in both Limited and Standard formats. I am somewhat embarrassed by this.


Nice to meet you.

Say hi.”

Updates from State Library Services

Updates from State Library Services

Welcome, Leah!

State Library Services is excited to welcome Leah Larson as our new LSTA Coordinator. Leah most recently worked for the Perpich Center at the Crosswinds Arts & Science School Library, providing resource support for faculty and students, as well as educators around the state through Perpich Outreach. She has an MLIS from the University of St. Catherine, and is a certified Minnesota K-12 media specialist. Leah taught ESL, Special Education, and Language Arts for grades 1-8 at public schools in Minnesota, Texas, and New York, and was a media specialist in Richfield prior to starting at Perpich. She has led numerous professional development workshops and cohorts for teachers and media specialists on equity in education, and literature as a lens for teaching and learning about culture. In addition to her work with LSTA, Leah will bring her school library expertise to a number of different projects. Leah can be contacted at leah.larson@state.mn.us or 651-582-8805.

Updates from Our Partners

Measures that Matter Webinar: Moving Toward More Meaningful Measures

Circulation, visits, program attendance, patron satisfaction…these are some of the many measures commonly collected by public librarians. But how well do we understand what measures tell the most meaningful stories of today’s libraries? During the first webinar in the three-part Measure that Matter series, the landscape of major public library surveys was scanned, and ways to consider how library data could be used more productively in the future were considered. The second webinar explored more deeply the concepts of sampling, data types, and data management. The third webinar will look toward the future, considering what data public librarians should collect to demonstrate their impact. Speakers both within and outside the library field will provide multiple perspectives on meaningful measures. Register today to attend the webinar.

Save the Date: Capturing Imaginations, Building Skills Conference

The Minnesota STEM Network and Ignite Afterschool are teaming up again to offer their second joint conference. The two-day event November 29-30, 2017, at the University of Minnesota Continuing Education Conference Center, will bring people together to ensure every young person in Minnesota has access to high-quality STEM education and an opportunity to build 21st century skills. Join us as we investigate, connect, and advance formal and informal STEM education and workforce development. We will share registration information and the request for session proposals when they are available later this summer.

Privacy News and Views, May 27 – June 2

Posted by on June 2, 2017 in News and Updates


Dewey Decibel Podcast: Protecting our privacy | American Libraries

Government Surveillance

In Trump’s America, Black Lives Matter activists grow wary of their smartphones  |  Washington Post

Calling on the U.S. Congress to learn about surveillance. From Batman. | Access Now

New Social Media Screening for U.S. Visitors Goes Into Effect | Fortune

Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens | Miami Herald

The Fourth Circuit Remands Wikimedia’s Suit Against the NSA Back to District Court | Lawfare Blog

The UK government is going to pressure internet companies to let it read people’s private messages | The Independent

Corporate Surveillance

Google Now Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases and Connects Them to Your Online Profile | MIT Technology Review

Republicans want to let robocallers spam your voicemail | Washington Post

Libraries and Privacy

Readium’s New Licensed Content Protection May Result in Better Reader Privacy | Go To Hellman Blog

Student Privacy / Filtering

Here’s the catch: District relies on filters to monitor content students accessing on web | The Republic

Privacy Self-Defense

Don’t Expose Yourself: A Guide to Online Privacy | Wall Street Journal

7 in 10 Smartphone Apps Share Your Data with Third-Party Services  | Scientific American
The Lumen Privacy Monitor, a free Android app, analyzes the traffic apps send out and allows the user to see which applications and online services actively harvest personal data.

Seven reasons parents should care about kids and online privacy  | Salon.com

Broadband Privacy

ISP-Loyal Marsha Blackburn Pushing New Broadband Privacy Law, But It’s A Hollow PR Show Pony With No Chance Of Passing | TechDirt

Encryption / Scholarship

Analyzing Accessibility of Wikipedia Projects Around the World  |  Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
Study finds there was less censorship of Wikipedia after shift to HTTPS-only content

International/Right to Privacy

Court: Dead daughter’s parents have no right to access her Facebook account | Ars Technica

This Week in Data Breaches

OneLogin suffers breach—customer data said to be exposed, decrypted | Ars Technica

University of Alaska: thousands affected by data breach, including names, social security numbers | KTUU

DATA BREACH: Kmart says customer credit card information hacked  | Dayton Daily News

What to do if you ate at Chipotle during the massive data breach | WPTV.com

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Updates from State Library Services

TO: Minnesota Libraries
FROM: State Library Services
DATE: January 23, 2017
SUBJECT: Updates from State Library Services

Updates from State Library Services

Support Kindergarten Readiness Using Minnesota’s Newly Revised ECIPs
The complete revision of Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards: The Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs)—including parent guides in English, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese and Russian—are now available on the MDE website. The ECIPs provide benchmarks for parents and care providers so they can know when a child is on track and identify if a child might need additional early learning supports. The language, literacy and communications ECIPs highlight how well the Every Child Ready to Read 2 curriculum supports early literacy learning. The ECIPs can also help you enhance your early learning programing and children’s play environments to support kindergarten readiness across all of the early learning domains, including approaches to learning, math, scientific thinking, the arts, social and emotional awareness, social systems and physical movements. Contact Jackie Blagsvedt (651-582-8805) for more information.

New E-Reader Users Need Your Help
If your patrons need help downloading ebooks to their brand-new e-readers, check out this handy resource featuring step-by-step access advice for major platforms and devices. The website is an ILEAD USA project designed by librarians in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. For more information, please contact Emily Kissane (651-582-8508).

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