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Free Is Good: Open educational resources are free digital materials

Open Access PLoS

From Edutopia,  By Bethany Rayl

Open educational resources (OER) are found in the public domain and can be used for free for teaching, learning, research, and other educational purposes. These materials can be retained, reused, revised, remixed, and redistributed. These “5R permissions” of OER allow you to not only access the materials and resources free of charge, but also to make them even better. Sounds good, right? But what’s really out there, and why should you use these resources?

There are several examples of OER available, including image and audio resources, books in the public domain, video and audio lectures, interactive simulations, game-based learning programs, lesson plans, textbooks, online course curricula, professional learning programs, and online learning platforms. Continue reading Free Is Good: Open educational resources are free digital materials

Storytime Lesson Plans via OER Commons

Do you need storytime lesson plans? Then look no further than the new Minnesota Storytime Hub. A recently announced home for storytime lesson plans created for and by Minnesota librarians. Check out the announment from MN State Library Services:

“We are excited to announce the creation of an online storytime lesson plan resource created for and by Minnesota librarians! The Minnesota Storytime Hub houses an easily accessible set of high quality resources that streamline storytime planning, increase awareness of materials used successfully in storytime practice, and allow professionals to share quality early literacy practices. A dozen children’s librarians from across Minnesota have already contributed lesson plans, and now it’s ready for you! Take a look around, and then start remixing already existing plans or adding your own. Check out our instructions to register with OER Commons and guidelines for adding lesson plans. We can’t wait to watch the Hub grow and expand with your expertise! If you have questions or comments, please contact Jen Verbrugge at jennifer.verbrugge@state.mn.us.”

So get creating MN! Check out the lesson plans that are already on the hub now for some instant inspiration.


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