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Enjoy the connections of bookstagram!

Since you are reading this, you are probably a library person, and you probably like books! But not everyone around us may understand our enjoyment of books and reading. Sometimes we just want to stay home and curl up with a stack of library books! Thankfully, there are some awesome online communities that you can connect with through social media that will appreciate and encourage your bookish ways.

This article from Book Riot details all the different ways you can connect to fellow bookish friends online, including book blogs, book Twitter, Goodreads, Bookstagram, and more!

You can check out these links to see which accounts you may be interested in following:

  • Best libraries to follow on Instagram
  • Cool librarians to follow on Twitter
  • Bookish accounts (including Cat Book Club) to follow on Instagram
  • Fun accounts for book lovers to follow on Twitter
  • And don’t forget to include hashtags in your posts, so you can interact with fellow book loving people! Good ones to use include: #books, #bookstagram, #bookblogger, #amreading, #yalit, #bookshelfie

Did you see your favorite book-related account mentioned? If not, leave us a comment so we can check it out!



Getting Started with Social Media!

Socialmedia-pmSocial media has moved way past something only tech early adopters, or “the kids today,” are using. These tools are quick and easy ways everyone can find out what is going on in your communities (the profession, your organization, your school, your town, the library community you serve, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans…we’re not judging).

But you want to be sure you are not wasting your time on it. Social media does not generally have associated financial costs, but for most library people time is your most valuable resource. And, you want to be sure you are not violating any rules of your parent organization (town, university, school, corporation, etc.). Continue reading Getting Started with Social Media!

Advocacy basics (Just add You!)

We all know that advocacy for our libraries is important. We know libraries are wonderful and valuable members of the communities they serve; but other people need to be educated in our value!

But it can be hard to know how to get started, or what to say. So we are starting you off with a few ideas here. These will also be on our website, and we invite members to contribute their advocacy materials so we can share them on the site!

Remember: Minnesota Library Legislative Day is Feb. 22!! If you can go in person: great! If not – I would like to have all CMLE libraries contribute phone calls, emails, and letters to be sure legislators hear about the value of libraries!! Continue reading Advocacy basics (Just add You!)

Best practices on social media

The Art of Social Media

We’ve all seen it: the embarrassing gaffe on social media. In the past, only a few people, or a few hundred, would know you screwed up; now people around the world could see and comment.

Should that stop you from being on social media??


 Should the time required to find great accounts to follow stop you?


Should the effort involved in creating good, interesting, useful content for your community stop you?


Continue reading Best practices on social media

February Monthly Topic: Social Media

Monthly topics! This is a way for us to look at some information about a topic from a variety of different perspectives, to cover it fully. Our topics are taken from the recent needs assessment survey, and are the ideas and skills our members said they most wanted to know about in their library work.

We have concluded our look at Grants in January, and are covering Social Media this month.

There are all kinds of tools for social media, but the purpose to all of them is the same: to connect with your community members where they are.  Social media can also be a great tool for that very important skill in communication: listening. It is a very easy way to listen to issues of interest to your community members, to find out what questions are coming up, and to make connections between people and ideas.

Do you have topics you want to see this month? Do you have some great social media ideas or tips to share? Add them to the comments below! We look forward to hearing your ideas!!