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Day Forty Eight of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

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26 More Images That Prove Librarians Are the Cleverest People Ever

“We all know that librarians are the best, and we can’t get enough of the funny library displays they create to keep patrons entertained — and never without a great book! We’ve rounded up even more fantastic library displays that prove once and for all that librarians are the most hilarious people around. Check out the images below, and we guarantee you’ll be running to visit your local library in no time.”

(CMLE note: We are posting in a few of their images; definitely check out this article to see all the very funny material there!)

Is this spooky cart haunted by the ghosts of overdue books?


A smart librarian knows there is always room for one more book.


This display will have you running for the stacks.

Day Forty Seven of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Okay, this video technically has nothing to do with libraries. But – look how cute it is! We can all use a couple of minutes in a busy day to have some stress-relieving panda video fun. And if it happens that these adorable little guys remind you of any patrons, well that just highlights how cute our patrons can be and how resilient library people can be, always with good humor, in getting work done despite any obstacle!

Are you doing some fun library work? Share the video and tell us about it!

Day Forty Six of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Tiny House Giant Journey in the Petrified Forest and an RV

It is always fun to see the different programs libraries are hosting. (We are just the most interesting profession!) This program was held at the Lawrence, Kansas Public Library last month and sounds like it would be both fun and provide useful information, as well as being inexpensive (free?) to host and a way to make more connections to community groups.

Tiny House Festival

“By now you’ve probably heard of tiny houses. This social movement focuses on downsizing living spaces for environmental and financial reasons, and the desire for more time and freedom.

On SundayJune 18 from 1-5 PM, come see what all the fuss is about and tour a tiny house!  Then join us from 2-3:30 PM for a panel discussion about sustainable design, affordable housing, and tiny homes. Email Melissa at mfisherisaacs@lplks.org for more info.”

Day Forty Four of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Logo for Book Club Central website by the American Library Association

Would you like to read more, or at least to hear about some more good books? Probably everyone who works in libraries would say yes!

CMLE has an online book group, where we suggest a book with some professional skills useful for library people, and one where we feature a fun read with a library person. You can subscribe to either, along with our podcast and social media, right here!

And the American Library Association also wants to help you to find interesting books, for yourself or to recommend to your patrons. “Book Club Central is a new online resource for book clubs and readers featuring book reviews, author interviews, discussion questions and more. Award-winning actor, producer, and avid reader Sarah Jessica Parker is the Honorary Chair of Book Club Central and a passionate advocate for libraries and literacy. Ms. Parker will offer her own book selections as part of SJP Picks.”


Day Forty Three of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Book caseShelfies!

Do you take photos of your To Be Read (TBR) pile of books??

This is an excerpt from a teacher’s blog about taking shelfies with her students, and the fun they had! Check out this blog to get the whole thing!

“Thanks to popularity among the Nerdy Book Club-types, shelfies have become trendy. Many of us have even made shelfies something of a habit. Just look at the call for #winterTBR stacks or the unsolicited shelfies we’ve all been posting in anticipation of snow day reading bliss.

So, why is it? What is it about shelfies and TBR stacks that have us all playing along?

When you and I gather up the books off the top of our to-be-read stacks (Let’s not pretend you don’t have multiple stacks, too!) and artistically position the camera at just the right angle to capture their spines or covers and post those shelfies to the social media world, we’re keeping reading lives–our own and each others’–alive.

In this vein, my #winterTBR picture prompted me to experiment with this theory in my school community.

Before Christmas vacation, I enlisted my students’ help to take my shelfie.

And then, I turned the camera on them, snapping pictures of each one with their reading plan for the two-week break.

And we made posters.


Yes, posters. Big, loud, colorful, you-can’t-miss-us posters with printed pictures of the students’ shelfies. And we blitzed the hallways of our school with them.


Then we waited to see what would happen.

What happened was a whole lot of talk about reading.

There was animated book conversation from the start. As students were shopping in the classroom library, consulting the TBR lists in their notebooks, and making arrangements to borrow titles from one another, students were making plans–reading commitments–and talking to each other about books. Then came slogans and phrasing that encouraged others to read as students lettered their posters. And as they shopped for prime real-estate in hanging their posters around the school, my students considered their audience and who they were trying to promote reading with.

But then there was more. We noticed other students and teachers pausing at our posters, looking at the students’ faces and the titles in their pictures. We overheard other students who recognized titles they loved in our pictures, and other students who wondered aloud about books they didn’t know. And the best comment that we overheard? It was the one from a 5th grader in the classroom next door when she pleaded to her teacher, “Can we make TBR posters, too?” “