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Cheer on the CMLE Bike Team!

As you may be aware, at CMLE HQ we are huge fans of our bike desks. We appreciate the focus that biking brings us while we work, and they are a healthy addition to our work space!

Since we bike at our desks every day, we thought it would be fun to start tracking the miles to see how far we can travel. That was how we created the idea for our Virtual Library Bike Tour! Each week we will track our mileage and will virtually “visit” libraries along our trip.

We have an in-person map with pins (Orange = Angie, Blue = Mary) for visual tracking and will of course be keeping track online as well. Follow our progress on Google Maps here!

Each library that we “visit” will be linked to and briefly described on our Twitter account @CMLEBikeTeam.

So far, on my way out west, I’ve “visited” St. Cloud Public Library, Clemens Library at St. Ben’s, and Alcuin Library at St. John’s!

Follow along and visit libraries across the country with us as we embark on this biking adventure!

And of course, if you’d like a bike desk of your own, check them out on Amazon.

Best practices on social media

The Art of Social Media

We’ve all seen it: the embarrassing gaffe on social media. In the past, only a few people, or a few hundred, would know you screwed up; now people around the world could see and comment.

Should that stop you from being on social media??


 Should the time required to find great accounts to follow stop you?


Should the effort involved in creating good, interesting, useful content for your community stop you?


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Pew Research wishes Twitter a happy 10th birthday

Did you know that Twitter is now 10 years old? Well now you do! Twitter turned 10 years old on March 21 2016. Pew marked the occasion with a top 5 list of facts about Twitter. Did you know the very first Twitter message was sent on March 21, 2006? Did you know it was originally know as only “twttr” with no vowels?

Check out the whole article now to learn even more or enjoy the abbreviated list below:

  1. Twitter’s user base has grown rapidly but may be plateauing.
  2. Twitter is largely a global service.
  3. There are six basic types of Twitter conversations.
  4. The Twitterverse doesn’t always mirror the real world.
  5. Twitter can be a valuable tool in helping to deal with emergencies.

Using Twitter in the Classroom

Many schools are exploring the use of Twitter in the classroom for engagement and instruction. Recently Forbes suggested that Twitter is no longer optional but required for schools. But how to best use Twitter in the classroom? David Sornberger’s infographic to the rescue! It lists 20 possible ideas on how to use Twitter in the schools:

What do you think of these ideas?  Do you use Twitter in your school?

Your Favorite Literature in 140 Characters or Less

140Thanks to Twitter and other social media, we live in a sound byte world.  Keeping that in mind, what would our favorite authors and characters say in just 140 characters?  Well, these Twitter accounts attempt to give us some answers!  Check out a sassy Voldemort, a modern Shakespeare, and 7 Other Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Should Follow.  You’ll find some clever things, like this tweet from @HalfPintIngalls (as Laura Ingalls Wilder) on Black Friday:

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/octmsd6, licensed under CC BY 2.0