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Next week: Visit Buffalo High School Library with CMLE!

Attention CMLE members and library fans: we are approaching the date for our next CMLE Group Library Visit! 

The new date for this Group Visit is Tuesday, May 9th at 2pm.

We are working on visiting all types of libraries, as we are a multitype system. We have much more in common in services and programs and materials, than the small differences in the focus of our different libraries.

On Tuesday, May 9th at 2:00pm we will be visiting the library at Buffalo High School. We are so excited to be able to take our members to another one of our system’s great libraries! Last month, Mary was able to tour this library and enjoyed seeing their colorful displays, fun programming, and the rest of the exciting work happening at this high school library.

Will you join us? Let us know:

Visiting the BBE schools!

It is always so fun to visit our member libraries – and the BBE schools were no exception! On this trip I visited both the high school and the elementary school. It really had a lot of impact to talk with the people who work together to bring library services to their community, during the entire K-12 system! That kind of partnership can be so valuable in making libraries stronger, and in ensuring students have a consistent experience.

Visiting the high school first was fun! They are getting ready to do some interior work, so things were pushed around somewhat – but they are clearly still open for business, and actively used by students.

You can see how they have thought about providing comfortable seating for students – those beanbag chairs looked great! Students were sitting in them most of the time I was there. (I bravely kept moving instead of plopping down to relax there also!)

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A visit to the Buffalo High School library

I could tell just walking into the building that this was going to be a fun library to visit.

Check out that bison!! He’s not in the library (outside the office); but he clearly sets the tone for fun things to happen – and that carries right through to the library.

I managed to be here as they were celebrating Kindness Week – and the library was an enthusiastic participant! Librarian Amy Sparks showed me all around the library, pointing out all the interesting things she and her staff have set up. Any had just finished submitting a grant proposal, and had included a video of the library with a student who raved about the service – fantastic!

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We want to see your stuff – Invite us over!

Okay, it’s not generally polite to invite yourself to someone else’s place. But this is different – it’s library visits!

You have probably been following the reports of our visits to CMLE member libraries (and if not, check them out). Every library has interesting things, interesting programs, and interesting materials. When you spend all day with your stuff, it’s hard to remember to notice how much great work you are doing. When we come to visit, we are fully prepared to admire the great things you are doing! Even something that feels like an average day to you will provide something interesting to us. And being able to share this with your colleagues across the system helps everyone with their service. It’s always good to be able to see how other people are handing displays, materials, and patrons in their libraries.

Plus: it’s just a lot of fun to visit our members and get to know each other!!

When can we come visit you??

Fill out the form, give us a day/time that would work for you!!