Weekly Review 11/25/15

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SLJ “Best of 2015” booklists are up!

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SLJ_CV_DEC2015School Library Journal (SLJ) has been busy crafting their “best of 2015” lists, and they have lists ready for you to peruse! Books, apps, and more, there is indeed a cornucopia of good reads….

For more lists, including best nonfiction, audiobooks, dvd’s, and other, go to the  main page on the School Library Journal page at http://www.slj.com/best-books-2015/.

Cover Illustration by Patrick McDonnell.

Landing your ideal library job event

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American Libraries Live Logo. Retrieved online 11/25/13.
American Libraries Live Logo. Retrieved online 11/25/13.

On Thursday, December 10th at 3 pm (Central time) American Libraries brings you this FREE, one-hour streaming video broadcast.

Landing your ideal library job isn’t always as easy as you’d hope it would be. A lot of factors go into getting the right job—you need to know the library job market and understand the challenges librarians at all points in their careers are facing. An expert panel will discuss the challenges that librarians face in their careers and strategies to navigate through them. They’ll discuss opportunities in the current library job market from public to academic libraries and traditional to non-traditional libraries. They will also provide job-hunting and resume-building tips—all building up to how you can land your ideal library job.

You can pre-register for this free 60-minute event at http://goo.gl/cFZMIW, or go to www.americanlibrarieslive.com at the time of the event.

A message of gratitude from the director…

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photo-1415912364061-78a25859c0faAfter all of the recent terrorist threats, I think we are all feeling especially close to family and loved ones this Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so much this year, it is hard to list it all, indeed, I need categories!

Library colleagues do indeed get their own category. I appreciate engaged library staff (like you) who continue to use our services and engage in our programming. Whether you are reading and/or commenting on our weekly blog posts, liking our Facebook page, retweeting our Tweets, writing book reviews or other blog posts, suggesting ideas for programming, applying for scholarships, participating in our Quick Question Polls, or attending our events, you are the heart of what we define as resource sharing!

CMLE staff  are thankful for the opportunity to serve your needs, and to work with you to increase the capacity of all types of libraries in Central Minnesota! It is our privilege to work with talented and engaged library staff and we thank you for the opportunity!

Programming Idea: Use a whiteboard in the library with a “What are YOU thankful for?” heading, then sit back, and observe a showplace of thanks big and small!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Patricia Post, CMLE Executive Director

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/ (Good Free Photos), licensed under CC0 1.0

The list is out! 25 disruptive technologies in 2016

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photo-1422207134147-65fb81f59e38The season of lists is beginning! I will not apologize for sharing them…. I find many in the library field love lists, so lets get started with this annual list that provides opportunity for some bigger picture thinking!

Stephen Abram blogs about library industry trends, innovation, and information. Recently, he shared this popular list of disruptive technologies, and indeed, reviewing this list is enlightening, and in some cases worrisome. I think number 2 is interesting to consider as we think about places where our library users can weigh in on services and materials.

See the full list here….

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/ (Padurariu Alexandru), licensed under CC0 1.0


Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is announced…

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face-crying-with-laughter-744x744Well, this is interesting! For the first time ever, the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is a pictograph, officially called the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji. And, did you know that emoji’s have been around since the late 1990’s?

What is always interesting is to also consider what else was in the running for Word of the Year. See the shortlist here….

Need help in making a green screen video?

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Looking to create the next action epic? Or maybe you just want to engage your students in some fun creating? Look no further than Shakopee 1st grade teacher, Sara Connell’s post on how to use an iPad, the app Do Ink Green Screen, and a green colored sheet to make a great book trailer!

Her post has screen prints and simple instructions and after trying it a few times, only your imagination will be your limit! You can view a little clip of what Sara made here:
Little Red Hen Book Preview. Also, here is a typical screen shot from the process. Her walk-through has lots of these to help you along the way!