Strategies to Simplify: Moving forward

“Work simply. Live fully.”  This week CMLE focuses on the following work productivity tip from Work Simply, Carson Tate’s popular book.  At CMLE, we’ve boiled down Tate’s wealth of knowledge from Work Simply to a few key points; please see the book for more detail and resources. At the bottom, see links to earlier tips in the series! Let’s all be our best selves….

This week’s activity: Free yourself from the pull of constant “busyness” by focusing on achieving your best life. 

work simply coverIn the final chapter of Carson Tate’s book Work Simply, she describes an activity she uses with her clients. She has them imagine their lives with all aspects – personal and professional – just the way they want it to be. She has them think how this would look, how they would feel, who they would be with. This exercise creates feelings of “excitement, joy, fun, meaning, and purpose.”

Want to make that fantasy a reality?

Take all the tips and strategies you’ve learned from this series, and put them into action!

In case you need a quick review: Set your READY goals: Realistic, Exciting, Action-oriented, Directive, and Yours. Take a look at the tasks you complete each day and evaluate whether they will help you come closer to achieving your goals. Next, learn better ways of investing your most valuable resource, time. Finally, ask for help! Realize that you actually don’t need to do it all yourself, or all on your own.

Work Simply

Looking for more resources for streamlining your life and living with more meaning and purpose? Check out for more strategies and information.

If you missed it, discover your Productivity Style with a simple assessment. See our earlier posts in the series for personalized tips on working with your Productivity Style in order to transform your work and personal life.

Previous tips in this series


CMLE’s web redesign week is Dec. 14th – 20th, stop in and say hello!

Snowmen and Sound of Music candles at CMLE HQ!

Here at CMLE Headquarters, we have eagerly been awaiting the chance to dive in and make some changes and improvements to our website. Mid-December would be the perfect time to do that! During the week of Dec. 14th – 20th, we will be here at HQ devoting our focus to website redesign. We are sharing this information with you in case you have some suggestions for the updated website! Is there anything you’d like to see more of, certain features that would make the site more accessible, or templates that you find especially useful? Let us know! Email us or feel free to stop in during our week of web redesign.

holiday-3Since we love the holiday season, if you do stop in, we will show you around our decorated space and share some yummy treats – maybe even some hot chocolate! You can feel free to chat with us about libraries, websites, or your holiday plans.

holiday-2Hope to see you then!

STRESS! Let’s listen to podcasts to help!

podcasts of happiness await you!

Stress affects everyone, and end-of-year stress can be particularly difficult. Many of us are struggling to finish up all our work for the end of the semester, or celebrating holidays and all that comes with it, in addition to dealing with every single other thing that was already driving us crazy all year long! Patrons have less patience, money is suddenly tighter, and all kinds of extra programs can just cause even the best-balanced library person to hit a breaking point.

CMLE is here to help you. This month we will provide all kinds of information about stress, to help you learn more about it, and learn some strategies for managing stress. You cannot stop stress from happening, but we can all learn better ways to increase our resilience so stress does not knock us out!

One easy way to help is to listen to podcasts.

Of course, there are all kinds of librarian podcasts out there, and we recommend those as nice way to keep up with interesting things happening in the profession!

And there are podcasts you can listen to that will help you address your stress in a productive way. Continue reading STRESS! Let’s listen to podcasts to help!

Start planning now: Library Legislative Day is coming soon!


At CMLE Headquarters, we want you to be informed about all the great things happening across the profession. And advocacy is ALWAYS an important topic!!

If there is sufficient interest in this, CMLE HQ can help to make arrangements for members to travel to Washington DC, so we can directly tell our federal politicians how valuable we are to our communities. Funding is going to be tight, and priorities for resources are shifting – and libraries are not at the top of the list for support.

The profession needs YOU!

  • If you can not make it to Washington, then attend our Minnesota legislative day!
  • If you can not do that, then give your legislator a call and tell them (briefly, politely) about something great your library did today, or this week, or this month.
  • And if you need to practice your phone call before you make it, talk to us first! We can help you organize ideas, and to feel confident that you have a great story to share!!

This is not just for “other” library people, or just people with a degree, or just ALA members, or just ANYTHING!

YOU are in a library, YOU know about the service you provide, the materials your patrons would not have without you, the help you give every single day. YOU are exactly the right person to do some advocacy for your library, for your community, and for your profession. GO TELL SOMEONE!!

(There we go – that’s library advocacy! You nailed it!!) Continue reading Start planning now: Library Legislative Day is coming soon!

Academic Librarians: What Do You Think About Change??

help your profession – give your opinion!

As you know, at CMLE Headquarters, we want to help you stay connected with not only the community of our system, but also the wider library community. So this is another piece of information we pass on for you!

From the Request:

You are invited to participate in a survey designed to provide insight into academic librarians’ perception of change. You will be asked to express your degree of agreement or disagreement with statements or scenarios related to change.

We ask that only academic librarians participate in this survey. We will use this data as part of our research paper to be presented at the 2017 Association for College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Conference.

The survey will take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete, and you will be able to exit the survey at any time by closing your browser window or tab.

We do not anticipate any risks with this survey and would be grateful for your input. You may access the survey at

If you have any questions, you may contact either investigator:

Brian Young,

Ashley Dees,

IRB Approval                     

This study has been reviewed by The University of Mississippi’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).  If you have any questions, concerns, or reports regarding your rights as a participant of research, please contact the IRB at (662) 915-7482 or

Thank you for your consideration,

Brian and Ashley


Brian Young

Engineering Reference Librarian

Assistant Professor

The University of Mississippi

J. D. Williams Library

P.O. Box 1848

1 Library Loop

University, MS 38677




Updates from State Library Services


CMLE Headquarters will continue to bring you all the library news from around the state. You can sign up for these updates from the State Library Services yourself, or just get them forwarded to you here from CMLE. When you are part of a big and wonderful profession like libraries – you want to know all the things happening here!

Early Childhood Screening Informational Video and Webinar
Early Childhood Screening, offered by all school districts, is a way to determine if young children are on track for meeting developmental milestones. Some families do not take advantage of Early Childhood Screening because they don’t know about it or they have concerns about it. If parents knew more about what screening is and is not, they may be more likely to have their child screened and identify areas for additional focus before kindergarten.

Public librarians can help increase participation in screening by encouraging families to get their children screened between the ages of 3 and the start of kindergarten. The Minnesota Department of Education and community partners teamed up to create a five-minute informational video with basic information about screening for parents and caregivers, thanks to funding from The McKnight Foundation.

To learn how you can help increase families’ awareness of screening and comfort with the process, please join us for a lunch break webinar presented by MDE’s Early Childhood Screening Coordinator, Margo Chresand on Thursday, December 8, noon-12:30 p.m. (Add to your calendar.) Please contact Jen Verbrugge (651-582-8356) with questions or to request a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event. Note: MDE requires a two-weekadvance notice in order to provide the requested accommodation and requires a 48-hour notice in order to cancel a requested accommodation.

Continue reading Updates from State Library Services

One of our travel bugs has made it to a library!

One of our travel bugs has been retrieved and moved on to it’s next location – and it looks like one that we can all enjoy!

The travel bug Libraries Rock made a quick stop off at the St Cloud Public Library, then moved on to its next cache – Enjoy the Journey. “The coordinates above will take you just outside of a place that holds a multitude of wonderful adventures. You can easily lose track of time when adventuring. Before you enter you will need to find a time capsule that will lead you to your adventure inside.” (Thanks, East Central library system! Everyone from CMLE who stops in to see their cache, be sure to say hello to the library staff! This is yet another great way for system members to get acquainted and chat with each other!)

Have you been to this cache?

Have you searched out a geocache? Tell us about your adventures in the comments!

In December, as we are all working on stress management, heading out to look for geocaches and travel bugs – whether they started at CMLE or not – can be a great way to relax and enjoy some fun exploration!

Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange

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