CMLE programs and services promote the roles of libraries and librarians by providing coordinated leadership and representation for member libraries to local, state and federal government agencies and to the general public.

CMLE serves as a proactive advocate of library interests providing information, resources and support to help members sustain, improve or expand services. CMLE is positioned to provide leadership, expertise, resources and tools as well as a forum for discussion about sustainable library and/or media center models. CMLE also works to convene key stakeholders to create an open dialogue regarding mutual library issues.

CMLE focus areas for FY 16-18 include:

  1. Resource Sharing
  2. Planning for Cooperative Programs
  3. Continuing Education and Best Practices
  4. Development of Bibliographic Databases
  5. Communication Systems for Library Personnel

For more details see our FY 16-18 Strategic Framework.

FY 16-18 Strategic Framework


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