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Maybe you heard about us in a podcast episode.

Maybe you heard about us at a conference.

Maybe another library person told you about us.

No matter how you got here, we are happy to see you!

The library world is an exciting one – lots of breadth and depth to everything we can do here. And sometimes that can be a challenge to handle on your own.

That is where we come in!

CMLE is available to help you write policies, develop a conflict management system, create or refine an evaluation system for anything, create a grant project, work through a customer service strategy, write a vision and mission statement, create a strategic plan for your library, start some new programming, or all kinds of other things!

We do not want you to be alone in your library world – and we are part of the professional support system to keep you providing great service back to your community! Do you just want to talk about some ideas? Do you have a definite plan, and want some help in getting it implemented? Do you have a  huge project you want to do? Contact us! Let’s see how we can work together to make great things happen for your library!

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