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Welcome to our book group podcast!

The idea is two-fold.

  • First: we want to chat about books, and to have fun doing it! There are so many great books to read out there, that we are establishing a weekly theme.
  • Second: we do like to provide some educational content to our work. So this podcast will also help library people in their Reader’s Advisory work!
    • If you don’t do that – no worries. We will be talking about fun stuff; but there will also be material available on our website to help you learn more about RA work, and about each week’s genre in specific.

We want this to be fun – like a book group! Instead of making book assignments (we already have that!), we just want to hang out with you and chat. We are inviting in guests to be part of each episode, to get a diverse set of ideas and suggestions. We will talk about our favorites, or be baffled about the genre. We will share titles we loved, we will talk about the books we just couldn’t finish, and everyone will leave with ideas for at least a new book or two to read!

And of course, we will have the one thing that really makes a book group complete: beverages. As we start each episode, we will be enjoying our beverages; and as you – the listener – are also members of this book group, you should also have a beverage!

  • If you are listening at 9pm, and your beverage of choice is a glass of wine – great!
  • If you are listening at 9am, and your beverage is a steaming mug of coffee – great!
  • And if you have having a day that requires you to reverse those – we are not judging!

Just take a few minutes to sit back, relax, and sip along with us as we talk about books.

It will be fun. We will all get some good book ideas. And we will all have some time to just enjoy being together for a while, with our books.

Books. Beverages. Libraries. What could be better?



Podcast Schedule:

Oct 17 Romance
Oct 24 SciFi
Oct 31 Horror
Nov 7 Thriller
Nov 14 British Literature
Nov 21 Occupational fiction
Nov 28 LGBTQ
Dec 5 Humor
Dec 12 Graphic Novel
Dec 19 Children’s
Dec 26 Holiday
Jan 2 Fantasy
Jan 9 Outdoor
Jan 16 Historical fiction
Jan 30 Minnesota

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