MEMO Conference Mad Dash

The to-do lists are shrinking as the mound of miscellaneous boxed items grow as we put the finished touches on our work with this years MEMO Conference. Our presentations, the Hospitality and Local Arrangments Committee work, details around the Conference Connections Cafe, and our work with the Friday night Conference Cantina  have kept us busy. Julie Notsch, Cathedral High School has been working with us on this committee work. Cantina Night will offer some time for light hearted fun and a focus on the individual. Begin by creating  your own margarita and taco dinner by building it just the way you like it. Team trivia and drawings for  fabulous prizes will top off the evening.

We are hopeful that the turnout is good, and people are able to push work into the background, to fully enjoy the conference experience. It is fun to see people get their “batteries charged” and feel excited about their work with an infusion of new ideas!

When the conference is close to home, it is tempting to bolt for home when the breakout sessions end, but the true magic and networking happen in the hallways or in the evenings. So resist the call of your jammies, and stick around. Kate and I hope to see you all there!