Adults Benefit from LearningExpress

snowflakeLearningExpress Library is known for its resourcefulness when it comes to learning – whether in school, in college, or for computers.  But did you know that the service also provides resources for adult learners and for career advancement?  Matt Lee of Minitex writes, “LearningExpress Library is proving highly relevant to adult educators and learners across the state.”  Minitex has presented the program at meetings, conferences, and webinars – and they want you to share in the learning!  Check out these LearningExpress resources:

Recorded Webinar: An Electronic Library for Adult Basic Education (Minitex)
Recorded Webinar: LearningExpress for Public Libraries (Minitex)
Video: LearningExpress User Guide (LearningExpress)
Fact Sheets (Minitex)
Hands-on Activities (Minitex)

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Image credit:, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0