Encryption tools: VeraCrypt vs. Bitlocker

Broad_chain_closeupSo what is encryption and why should you care about it? You can read LifeHacker’s explanation but put simply it’s a way to protect your data and files from others being able to read them. Like a decoder ring for your computer files where only you know the password.

LifeHacker recently highlighted 2 options for the Windows OS: VeraCrypt and Bitlocker. VeraCrypt is open source while Bitlocker is the Microsoft built in product. Both are good but VeraCrypt seemed to win the hearts of LifeHacker. From improved security, ease of use, and freely available, VeraCrypt seemed the way to go.

But in the end, they recommended that the use of something is better than nothing when it comes to protecting your files.

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Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/keezlpu, licensed under CC BY 2.0