See to Read

For many children, learning to read is challenging enough. Learning to read if they have an undetected vision problem makes the process even more difficult. In Oregon, they began the program “See to Read” in 2013 that aims to correct this issue, with the help of public libraries!

Check out this article in OLA Quarterly that describes how the program began through a partnership with eye care professionals, legislators, and public libraries. Then visit the “See To Read” site to learn more about this great program!

What is “See to Read”?

  • A series of free vision screenings for children at public libraries
    throughout Oregon.
  • A campaign based on the belief that no child should begin learning to read with an undetected vision problem.
  • A community service project that helps children be ready to read and that links families, schools, local service clubs, and legislators to public libraries.
  • A way to assist implementation of the law that all children entering public kindergarten in Oregon must have a vision screening.
  • A pure good.