Mayor Craig Petersen: Library Hero!


The Mayor of Logan, UT is a supporter of libraries, and he’s not afraid to put his money where his mouth is – literally!

“Mayor Craig Petersen proposed Friday that he will work without pay for the remainder of the year and donate his salary to the Library Building Fund.

Last month, Petersen recommended to the City Council that a new library and community center be built at the site of the old Emporium building, 55 N. Main St.

New libraries aren’t cheap. The city is looking at a $12 million price tag, but most of that would be paid through existing resources without raising taxes. The remaining $2.8 million would be raised from private donations, including about $93,000 from the mayor’s salary and benefits.

“I want Logan to move forward with a library and a community center Logan can be proud of. And we just don’t have that right now,” Petersen said.”

In a time where too many politicians do not see enough value in libraries to fund them (#SaveIMLS!), it is great to see a Mayor who understands the value a good library will bring to his community!

At CMLE Headquarters, we nominate Mayor Petersen as our latest Library Hero, and we join his community in thanking him for his work on behalf of libraries!