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Have you read a book you thought was the worst?

Library people generally love books and reading. But, chances are, since you spend a lot of time reading, you are bound to come across a book or two that you dislike…or even hate!

This article from Book Riot describes one man’s strong dislike of a certain book “that many literary critics and book reviewers say is a timeless classic, while I say it is complete garbage and hands down the worst book I have ever read.”

Read the article to find out which book he is talking about! If you also have feelings of strong dislike for a certain book, we are curious to hear about it! Share with us in the comments.

Personally, I tend to abandon books if I develop hateful feelings towards them, unless they are required reading for some reason. In that case, the last book I really didn’t care for was The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.

Sheep + LEDs = Amazing!

At CMLE Headquarters, we love innovation! It’s always great to see people trying new things. This video is an example of how a relatively dull job can be made into something creative, exciting, and fun for everyone!

Now, what can we do in libraries this week that might be at least this fun?? Remember: CMLE HQ is here to help you come up with plans, and figure out how to make them reality!

If you have some fun things happening (now, past, or future) in your library, share them below. As a system, we are all stronger when we cooperate together!

A furry visitor to CMLE HQ!

At CMLE, we love animals and recognize the positive impact they can have in the workplace!

That’s why we decided to have a special visitor come in last week – my greyhound, Lady Grey!

She was a very calming presence in the office, as we encountered some technology challenges, and also made many new friends who were happy to come give her lots of attention!

As you can see, Lady Grey did a great job supervising our CMLE office! She will likely come back to visit, and we will let you know when that happens, if you’d like to come say hello! She loves new friends, especially when they are library people 🙂


A librarian’s reaction to the Oscar’s mix-up

If you were watching the Oscars last Sunday, or even just tuning into the news regarding the Oscars, chances are you heard about the major mix-up in which the movie La La Land was announced as the winner of the Best Picture award – when in reality the winner was Moonlight.

People reacted with surprise, shock, etc but the best reaction definitely came from a librarian, of course! She chose three picture books with fitting titles to explain the situation – check out the article from MPR here

(Platteville Library, the originator of the Tweet, favorited our Twitter response! Talking with library people, on social media, on blogs, and in person, is always fun!)


Cool ways to display your books

Bookshelves are awesome!

Library people love books, and they usually tend to own quite a few. Keeping these books organized can present challenges, especially if you own a lot of them.

This article from Buzzfeed has some really unique, yet totally do-able ideas for organizing and displaying your books. Check it out and discover:

  • using an old ladder as a shelf and wall decoration
  • incorporating plants into your bookshelves
  • using rope lights to highlight your collection

Follow the hashtag #bookshelf on Instagram for more pretty inspiration, or check out this article that features 15 Instagram accounts especially for book lovers.

And of course, Pinterest has a wealth of bookshelf ideas to enjoy. Just be warned – you could spend a lot of time perusing all the shelving options!

Orville watches over some of the books and plants here at CMLE Headquarters. Do you have your books or bookshelves organized in an interesting display? Send us a picture!