Engage college alumni with MOOCs?

The Chronicle for Higher Education recently had an article about Colgate University using MOOCs to engage with their alumni and community members.

Basically, Colgate offered them as “fusion” courses: in-person courses for Colgate students with an additional online component that brought in alumni. The fusion courses were free for alumni, but “that doesn’t mean the university wouldn’t take donations,” said Kevin Lynch, the university’s chief information officer, “and those types of courses could serve as an indirect approach to fund raising in the future.”

Early results seem promising. “Colgate officials consider the program a success because it exposed students to new perspectives and encouraged faculty members to try new things and re-evaluate their teaching methods.”

With colleges continually trying to reach and engage their alumni, besides sporting events, online MOOCs might just be another way.

Read the entire piece here at The Chronicle.

Image credit: http://fancycrave.com, licensed under CC0 1.0