Learning About Library Associations: Public Library Association (PLA)

Library science is an enormous field, home to every interest you could imagine! This means that there are many organizations out there for you to join, in order to connect with other people who share your professional interests.

So even if you work alone in your library, there are other people out there doing work similar to yours! Each week we will highlight a different library association for you to learn more about, and depending on your work, potentially join! You can also check out our page dedicated to Library Associations.

The Public Library Association (PLA) is a division of ALA “dedicated to supporting the unique and evolving needs of public library professionals.” According to their website, PLA was founded in 1944 and has a growing presence around the world. They offer opportunities like continuing education and conferences for public library workers to network and grow their skills.

Visit their site to find out about their award and grant opportunities, some of which are currently accepting nominations! You can also explore their Publications and Resources page which provides access to a number of services to help public library staff in their job tasks and challenges.

Finally, you can check out PLA’s FAQ page or read their mission and goals to learn more about the association.