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Join us next Monday at CMLE HQ for snacks and celebration!

We hope you have your calendars marked to celebrate with us next Monday, August 21st at CMLE HQ!

We are having a Back-To-School and Solar Eclipse Celebration! Stop by between 11am – 2pm for snacks, a raffle, viewing of the solar eclipse (unfortunately we will not have viewing glasses available, but we will have an alternative: pinhole projection!) and of course, fun library discussion! Come chat with us about your plans for the upcoming school year, and discuss any issues or great ideas that you may have.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect: we will have Sun Chips, Sun Maid raisins, Moon Pies, Starbursts, and cheese (because the moon is made of cheese, of course!) for our snacks, as well as some healthier options, and beverages.

We will be raffling off some neat library and book prizes, and will even have a solar system themed playlist going! (Suggestions are welcome!)

If you can’t make it between 11am – 2pm, feel free to stop by throughout the day. We will be happy to see you and we did purchase extra snacks!

Monday, August 21st
Between 11am – 2pm 
CMLE Headquarters
570 1st St. SE
St. Cloud, MN 56304


Linking Our Libraries Podcast: Episode 202 Instructional Design

Welcome to the second episode of Season Two of CMLE’s podcast: Linking Our Libraries!

This week our topic is Instructional Design.

A big part of the work you do in any library is to provide instruction in all kinds of things to our patrons. It shows us that no matter how broad and wonderfully diverse our profession is (we are! It’s what makes us special!), most of what we do is really similar.

No matter what kind of library, or archive, or museum, or history center you might work in – our fundamental mission is to serve our community. And one of the main ways we serve people is to instruct them in all kinds of stuff. The specifics of what the content of instruction will be in your library will depend on your materials and your community needs. But the basics of instruction are the same across all of us!

Listen to this week’s episode here, or check out our page where we have all of the resources we discuss during the episode.

Happy listening! 🙂

Day Seventy Seven of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Socrates Louvre

I’m such a fan of fun new ways to learn things; and videos can be a great way of learning. Open Culture has a bunch of videos helping to introduce you, or your patrons, to twenty five different philosophers!

“Philosophy as an academic subject is regularly maligned in popular discourse. Philosophy majors get told that their studies are useless. Philosophy professors find their budgets cut, their courses scrutinized, and their character grossly impeached in propagandistic religious feature films. It’s enough to make one despair over the turgid air of anti-intellectualism that stifles conversation.

But before we start pining for bygone golden ages of rigorous critical thought, let us remember that philosophers have been a thorn in the side of the powerful since the inception of Western philosophy. After all, Socrates, the ancient Greek whose name we associate with philosophy’s most basic maxims and methods, was supposedly put to death for the crime of which today’s professorate so often stand accused: corrupting the youth….

There are 25 videos in total, which let you become acquainted with, and perhaps corrupted by, a range of thinkers who question orthodoxy and common sense, including Aristotle, Epicurus, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault, Arthur Schopenhauer, Albert Camus, Soren Kierkegaard, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Baruch Spinoza.”

CMLE Resources: Linking Our Libraries Podcast

As we all prepare for a new semester to get started, and are wrapping up our Summer Fun Library Tour series, it’s good to get back in touch with library resources. And at CMLE, we are filled with all kinds of great things for you!

Each week, we will draw your attention to one of the many resources available to you from CMLE Headquarters. Our mission is to help build connections between members, across all types of libraries. We exist to share information across libraries (and archives, and museums, and history centers) – and we are always looking for more ways to make that happen! Check out our Subscribe To Us! page, for information on subscribing to all our stuff.

We will keep changing and providing new types of information and new formats, to meet the needs of our members. If you have a topic you want to learn more about – tell us! If you have a format you like to use to get information – let us know! Our entire purpose is to connect our 300+ members to each other, and to provide all kinds of professional information to make your jobs better.

One of our strategies for sharing information is to podcast it! Linking Our Libraries is our podcast, created at CMLE HQ. Each Thursday we talk about a different topic that may be helpful to our members – and to anyone across the Library and Information Science profession. (We like you all!) We talk for about 20 minutes, sharing professional information, maybe talking about some libraries, maybe chatting with a Guest Host.

We also have a short segment where we share books we are reading. We have heard from many of you that this is a favorite part; so stay tuned for an upcoming book-themed podcast! (Oh – maybe there should have been a spoiler alert tag before that? Well: Spoiler! New podcast is coming up this fall!)

The whole thing is deliberately cheerful in tone ( we laugh a lot!); and we keep each topic at a pretty introductory level. Libraries are fun places! So if you know nothing about the topic of the week – this is for you! If you need a refresher – this is for you! If you like to hear about the neat things happening across the profession – this is for you! Do you just want to support libraries? Again: this is for you!

Each episode also has a podcast page with our notes from the episode, links to everything we discussed, and often links to other material on our topic. If a topic is useful to you, we want to be sure you have access to the information in any format that works for you!

The all-important part of podcasting:
How do you actually listen to it??

Want to listen to an episode? We make it easy for you!

  • You can download an app, subscribe to “Linking Our Libraries” and all episodes will appear on your phone/tablet – it’s so easy!
    • Apps we like include Pocket Casts, iTunes, and Stitcher. 
    • Download any of these, search for “Linking Our Libraries” and hit Subscribe.
    • If it is not readily available, just enter this RSS feed:
  • Or, you can stream an episode right now on your computer by going to our streaming page, by clicking here.

Whatever tool you use, we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening, and sharing ideas on libraries!

Do you want to talk with us about a topic? Could you use a helping hand in your library? We want to help! Tell us about it here, and let’s get started.


Day Seventy Five of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Search ballonicon2

What gets people to your website?

What are people looking for online?

It’s always fun to keep an eye on searches, and especially on searches that lead back to your site. Some of the things people type are…odd, or at least very unexpected!

Check out this list of searches that led people to the site! I am including a few here, but there are many, many more – click here to check them all out for yourself!

“The following are search expressions that led from search engines – mostly Google – to pages on between mid-2001 and March of 2004. This list is no longer being updated.”

  • what happened to the domestic servants in the 20th century
  • lawsuit Hair today gone tomorrow
  • “is cannibalism legal?”
  • capitalism and robots
  • how do i become rich
  • sirsi sucks
  • what does the cuban dollar stand for?
  • yertle the turtle and anarchy
  • “India was discovered by”
  • pics of short fat cartoon man not inappropriate
  • scoobydoo bongs
  • library weirdo
  • practicas de skateboard
  • what do i need
  • deadheads as a moral community
  • does mark cuban have friends
  • record breaking penis sizes,non porn
  • how do you say army in spanish
  • dewey decimal sucks
  • real joly unicorn
  • confirm for me that
  • percentage population “foot fetish”
  • what sucks about being a librarian
  • prison “martial arts” inmate jew
  • funny search and seizure stories
  • info on eskimo weapons for a essay
  • “self absorbed images”
  • “stupid things you can do on the internet”
  • Interviews with June Cleaver
  • erotic underwater library
  • goals and purposes of the hippies
  • which is beavis and which is butthead?
  • What is the recipe to mummify something?
  • stacy wakefield evil
  • porn kellogs
  • list of jobs in which absent minded people are handy