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Urgent! Contact your MN Senator about Library Funding

From the MLA Legislative Committee:

Please immediately contact your Senator about including SF 1033 in the Senate Omnibus Education Finance bill. Time is of the essence!  Regional public library systems & the multitype systems need your support for their requested funding increases. Hearing from constituents is important for this issue.


Don’t know what to say? Here are some talking points–feel free to customize/tailor as you wish:

  • No new dollars have been invested in MN library systems since FY2009. An increase in funding for Minnesota’s library systems will provide a stable funding source to allow systems to strengthen & maintain current services & move into the future stronger & better able to serve all Minnesotans.
  • Multitype systems support rural & urban school library media programs, special & academic libraries through training around ever-changing library products and services including information literacy, ELM, MnLink, eBooks, use of portable devices, & more.
  • Regional public library systems serve as a cornerstone for public library services throughout the state and provide the foundation for Minnesota residents to access cooperative statewide services including Minitex/MnLINK interlibrary loan, ELM databases, reciprocal borrowing privileges, staff training, and more.

If your Senator is not on the Committee, ask her/him to ask their colleagues to include SF 1033 in the omnibus education finance bill. Senate Information:

Don’t know your Senator? Find them here:


If your Senator is on the E-12 Finance Committee (roster below), ask her/him to please include SF 1033 in their omnibus education finance bill.


E-12 Finance Committee Leadership

Carla J. Nelson (26, R) 
Eric R. Pratt (55, R) 
Vice Chair

Charles W. Wiger (43, DFL)
Ranking Minority Member

Email form:

Committee Members
Paul T. Anderson (44, R)

Email form:

Justin D. Eichorn (05, R)

Email form:

Melissa H. Wiklund (50, DFL)

Roger C. Chamberlain (38, R)

David J. Tomassoni (06, DFL)

Email form:

Gary H. Dahms (16, R)

Patricia Torres Ray (63, DFL)

Email form:


Questions? Contact Jami Trenam, MLA Legislative Chair (

or Ann Walker Smalley, Incoming MLA Chair (


Thank you for contacting your Senator.

Have you checked CMLE’s Continuing Education calendar lately?

As library people, we love knowledge and learning! If you are looking for some professional Continuing Education opportunities, hopefully you know about CMLE’s calendar!

The calendar is located on our Continuing Education page, which features a Google calendar that is updated daily with new learning opportunities. We include a variety of events like webinars, online courses, in-person conferences, workshops, and yes, even free opportunities!

The page also has links to organizations like Library Juice, TIES, and the AASL’s eAcademy that offer their own training and development opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in a Continuing Education event but struggling with the financial aspect, don’t forget CMLE offers scholarships!

CMLE socializes!

CMLE is constantly working to build connections across our system! And our regular social dinner gatherings are a great way to help people meet up and build your networks!

As you can see, we had a great time visiting Old Chicago. Several of us had dessert; we just couldn’t tear ourselves away!

We will have a poll up soon for our next day and location. Be thinking about where you would like to gather in early May! Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments, or email to us.

Take action to save federal library funding! Yes: You!!

Librarians have always been cool and cutting edge!
Beth Yoke, CAE
Executive Director
Young Adult Library Services Association

The White House budget that was released today calls for eliminating the Institute of Museum & Library Services (IMLS), the only federal agency charged with providing support to the nation’s hundreds of thousands of libraries and museums.  ALA and YALSA need your help to ensure that IMLS is saved, because without libraries teens will not have the resources and support they need to succeed in school and prepare for college, careers, and life.  Here’s what you can do right now:*   Use the sample messages in this document to contact the offices of your members of Congress

*   Share your photo or story via this form of how support from IMLS has enabled you and your library to help the teens in your community.  YALSA will use this information to advocate against the elimination of IMLS
*   Sign up via this web page to receive updates on the #SaveIMLS effort
*   Add your name to this online petition being circulated by EveryLibrary
*   Start planning how you, your teen patrons, and library advocates will participate in National Library Legislative Day on May 2.  Use the resources on YALSA’s wiki.

*   Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to do the above as well

Don’t know much about IMLS?  Here’s a quick overview: through IMLS, every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. territories receive funding to support their state’s libraries and museums.  In FY14 the total funding IMLS distributed to states and territories was $154,800,000.  In addition, IMLS offers competitive grant opportunities that individual libraries and museums can apply for.  In FY14 they awarded 594 grants (from 1,299 applications) totaling more than $54,700,000.  Visit the IMLS site to see how much funding your state receives from them.

Want to take further action to support teens and libraries?  We salute you!  Check out the free online resources we have to make speaking up for teens and libraries easy.


Beth Yoke, CAE
Executive Director
Young Adult Library Services Association
50 E. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60611
1.800.545.2433 x4391
fax: 312.280.5276<>

Sheep + LEDs = Amazing!

At CMLE Headquarters, we love innovation! It’s always great to see people trying new things. This video is an example of how a relatively dull job can be made into something creative, exciting, and fun for everyone!

Now, what can we do in libraries this week that might be at least this fun?? Remember: CMLE HQ is here to help you come up with plans, and figure out how to make them reality!

If you have some fun things happening (now, past, or future) in your library, share them below. As a system, we are all stronger when we cooperate together!