Top 10 CMLE blog posts from 2014

Nailed it! My picture is a perfect 10!Are you tired of 2014 top ten lists yet? We hope not! Here’s one more for you highlighting some of the most popular CMLE posts from last year.

  1. Events, Events, and more Events: The most popular post of the year was our Upcoming Library Events listing. Recently implemented, this was a one-stop place for all the events that might be of interest. We are happy to see you like it!
  2. Know your Copyright: This past November, CMLE hosted a Copyright Event. The event was well attended and the feedback seemed very positive.
  3. Librarians on TV: Coming in at third was our post about the upcoming “Librarians” TV series on TNT. The show has since premiered and seems to be getting positive reviews.
  4. Goodreads Awards: At fourth was our post about the Goodreads Choice Awards. It seems that we all like to read and sometimes award winners are the best place to start.
  5. Teen Read Week: Teen readers are a growing segment of focus for all library workers. This was reflected in our fifth most popular post about YALSA’s Teen Read Week.
  6. Book Store Model: One of the many issues school libraries are wrestling with is Genrefication, or changing to a book-store model with their collection. This was reflected in our sixth most popular post of the year: Genrefication of your school’s fiction collection.
  7. Where are the Media Specialists: Coming in at seven was our post: Where have the media specialists gone in 2014? In the post we looked at regional data about current media specialist employment.
  8. Mindfulness: CMLE also saw that our members are looking for some calm among the storm of their jobs. At eight, the 12 part Mindfulness series proved to be a subject many of you were interested in.
  9. School Visit: At nine was our popular post about a school visit to the Dassel-Cokato High School. Although it was a longer read, we saw that there is always room for sharing each other’s wins and lessons learned.
  10. More Reading Lists: Finally, our tenth most popular post of 2014 was Summer Reading Lists.

So, those are the top ten of 2014. Did you have a favorite CMLE post of 2014? Share with us or post in the comments below what it was! We love to learn what keeps you coming back.

We hope you had a great 2014, and wish you a wonderful 2015!

Image credit:, licensed under CC BY 2.0