Best of the Best: Book Apps

This year, we highlighted apps recommended by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).  AASL considers these to be some of the Best Apps for Teaching & Learning.  As a recap, we’ve resorted them into their five categories and will feature one list per week for the next five weeks. 

This week, we focus on the book apps:

Wonder of Life


Brian Cox’s Wonders of Life has 3D capabilities that engage the user as they learn about science and social studies.

A Day in the Market app icon


A Day in the Market teaches the user about other cultures and languages while they interact with the story’s main character!

Disney Animated


Disney Animated takes users behind the scenes of their favorite Disney movies!

War Horse Interactive


War Horse Interactive Edition pairs English and History, providing users with a richer understanding of the context of the novel.

Audubon Guides, Butterflies


Audubon Guides: Butterflies encourages its many users to interact with each other, and has great image quality.

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