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MALF Invites Applications For Two Major ‘Friends’ Awards

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“The Minnesota Association of Library Friends invites your applications for the 2017 cycles of our two most popular Friends of the Library awards.

First up is our flagship prize, the Evy Nordley Award for Best Project.

Minnesota libraries treasure Friends of the Library groups not only for the financial support they provide, but for the original ideas and innovative projects they generate on behalf of the library and its goals. MALF recognizes this fact each year with the Evy Nordley program.

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Suggestions needed for D&D Programs!

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From a library listserve – if you have any other suggestions can be posted to comments!

“A coworker of mine (who is not a programmer) wants to host a recurring D&D program for people to come and play on a drop-in basis. I have zero experience with this game, as I don’t play, and I’m curious to know if anyone else has hosted D&D programs on a recurring basis? Is it more efficient to host it often or more like once a month? I’m not sure how often to host this program, and I’m concerned because typically, recurring program series haven’t done well at our library.

Any advice/tips would be welcome!”

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Invitation to free webinar on movement-based programs in public libraries

From researcher Noah Lenstra:

“Thank you for earlier this year completing the survey on Movement-Based Programs in Public Libraries, or for expressing interest in this project.

I am emailing to invite you to participate in a free, one hour webinar open to all on June 7, 2017, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, during which the preliminary results from this survey will be shared. Please share this announcement widely. All are welcome to participate.”

Follow this link to register for the webinar:
Register for the webinar

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Library-Social Work Collaboration survey

“Help us help you!”

“Please complete this survey for our forthcoming book on library-social work collaboration by Saturday, April 22, 2017: 

Completing this survey will:

  • Tell us what librarians and social workers already know (or don’t know) about library-social work collaboration, so we can shape the content of the book to your needs.
  • Give you a frame for self-assessment: your answers can point you to where you can learn more.
  • Provide the opportunity for you to connect with us and share your library’s story in a case study (optional).

Please see this letter for more information on the survey. The book on Whole Person Librarianship will be published by Libraries Unlimited, likely in 2019.

Please email us if you have any questions. Thanks for your help!”

Sara Zettervall, MLIS
Founder, Whole Person Librarianship
Librarian, Hennepin County Library

Mary Nienow, MSW, PhD Candidate
Adjunct Instructor
Assistant Professor (August 1, 2017)
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

YALSA wants your teen participation studies!


“The YALSA Legislation Committee wonders if you would share an example of a time you helped mobilize teen participation for a social justice or advocacy cause. We’re collecting examples!

It could be an example of a time you encouraged high schoolers to write a letter to their school board, or an example of the time you took a group of teens to your local representative’s office to advocate for library funding.
We want to know what you did, how, and why!

It’s quick, easy, and painless! Fill out this brief form and be forever in our gratitude: