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Save yourself from the Ides of March! Join us!!

The other 10% said, "He had it coming to him."
“Listen to your librarian” also seems like good advice!

At CMLE Headquarters, our mission is to serve our members. One of the biggest issues our members have talked about with us is the problem of being alone in their libraries, or feeling unconnected from the work other library people are doing.

We are on the job for you!

We have a variety of opportunities for all of us to gather in person to chat about libraries (or other topics – we are fascinating people after all!), and to visit libraries.

Our visits to member libraries will happen monthly; our social dinner gatherings happen approximately every other month. All of these events are flexible; if you need to leave early, we understand and will just be happy to see you!

These gatherings are a chance for all of us to chat about libraries, issues you are facing in your library, and to tell us about great success stories you experience. Being alone in your library, or being the only person who does what you do in your library, can seem rough. We want to give you lots of ways to connect with your community of library people here in CMLE!

We will be delighted to see you at any, or all, of these events no matter what; but if you know in advance that you can attend, please leave an RSVP below. Then we know to expect you! We will send you a reminder email before each event when you sign up below.

CMLE Visits our Member Libraries: St. Cloud public

A group of CMLE members visited the Great River Library System’s library in St Cloud. And as you can see by the pictures, we had a great time!

Thanks to Karen for organizing this for us, and to Chris and Neil for being our gracious tour guides!!

Visiting libraries to see what is happening in other places, and connecting with other CMLE members, have been some of the top requests from people across the system. We will be making monthly group visits to libraries of all types in CMLE.  Let us know when we can come visit you!!

Immediately, you can see that the staff at Great River is good at not only library work, but they are also artistic! This display of art works of all media comes with the creator’s name and branch location carefully labeled. A few things have already been sold, so you might want to dash over to check it all out!

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A visit to the Buffalo High School library

I could tell just walking into the building that this was going to be a fun library to visit.

Check out that bison!! He’s not in the library (outside the office); but he clearly sets the tone for fun things to happen – and that carries right through to the library.

I managed to be here as they were celebrating Kindness Week – and the library was an enthusiastic participant! Librarian Amy Sparks showed me all around the library, pointing out all the interesting things she and her staff have set up. Any had just finished submitting a grant proposal, and had included a video of the library with a student who raved about the service – fantastic!

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Do you like food? Library people? Then join us!

Philippine Food
We are getting excited about our second regular social gathering for CMLE library people, and other friends!

Wednesday, March 15
5:30 pm
Old Chicago
4040 2nd St S, St Cloud, MN 56301

This was a common request from our members, to have time away from work, where we can meet people we only see online, to talk with other people who are doing what we do, and to help build bonds across the CMLE system. Whether you are alone in your library, or have lots of other people around, you are part of the CMLE system team!

We had fun last time, and are looking forward to meeting more people – and enjoying some pizza! 🙂 (I had a calzone last time, and it was great!)

We would love for you to attend! This is going to be casual, everyone paying their own way, and no agenda. The only purpose is to have a regular opportunity for all of us to get together, maybe meet some new people (or people you only know online), and to talk about library stuff. Of course, if photos of kids, pets, or vacations come out to be shared too – absolutely no one will mind!

We will be happy to see you, no matter what. If you can RSVP below, so we have an idea of how many to expect, that will make our planning easier!

Looking forward to hanging out with you!

Touring Kimball Elementary school library

For someone who is not regularly around small kids, it’s always a treat to visit an elementary school library – you see just how much thought goes into making everything size-appropriate for the patrons! That kind of usability is important in all libraries, but in a library like this it is clearly on display and fun to see.

This library is a fun open-concept design! No walls cut them off from the rest of the school, so everything feels very open and flexible. They are recessed below the hallways around them, so there is privacy and a sense of specific place; and I love this feeling of being connected to the daily activities around them.

Continuing the idea of design making the library connect with the kid patrons, this art on the wall was just lovely. Kids could see this and be really inspired to read books – but also to just dream about great things!

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