We've Learned: Staffing updates & job openings

We’ve Learned… is designed to keep our readers informed about news concerning personnel in CMLE libraries/media centers. Please keep us informed of any “happenings” regarding staff members in your area so that we can include them in the next write-up! Happenings can include: changes in staffing, awards, honors… you get time_alone2_hiresthe idea!
New East Central Regional Library (ECRL) staff:
  • Aitkin – Mary Johnson, Library Assistant
  • Mora – Patty Thompson, Library Assistant (formerly Cambridge Library Assistant); Mackenzie Lucking, Library Assistant
  • Pine City – Heidi Anderson-Ferdinand, Branch Librarian
  • Outreach at Isanti – Tim Olson, Outreach Librarian (former part-time Outreach and Interlibrary Loan assistant)
  • Wyoming – Melody Baker, Library Assistant

ECRL vacancies for Branch Assistants* still remain in Aitkin, Mille Lacs Lake Community Library in Isle, Princeton, and Cambridge. Get more detail about these positions here.  *Position was formerly titled “Branch Library Aide” (prior to July 2015)


Great River Regional Library (GRRL) Personnel Updates

  • Lisa Pelkey, former Library Services Coordinator of Albany, has joined the Upsala staff as a Library Assistant
  • Kara Gibford-Markman joined the Sauk Centre library staff in November as a library aide.

Over the summer GRRL had a few resignations in the St. Cloud Circulation department. These openings
allowed for adjustments to be made to existing staff schedules which resulted in five (5) Circulation
Assistants and two (2) Circulation Aides receiving additional hours. The remaining hours were posted as job
openings that have been filled, and the St. Cloud Circulation department is now fully staffed. Welcome to
all of our new Great River Regional Library staff, and congratulations to our recently promoted staff! Below
is a list of St. Cloud Circulation staff with their new role and effective date:

  • Heather Peterson, Circulation Aide – September
  • Margie Nalezny, Circulation Aide – October
  • Sara Kirk, Circulation Assistant – October
  • Jan Juetten, Circulation Assistant Substitute – October
  • Kelly Groth, Circulation Aide – October
  • Joe Godfrey, Circulation Assistant – October
  • Victoria Welle, Circulation Assistant – October
  • Susan Vail, Circulation Aide – November
  • Maxim Kroll, Circulation Aide Substitute – November

GRRL Retirements

  • Karen Zeug, Delano Branch Services,  8/14/2015
  • Debra Micah Sc – Patron Services, 9/26/2015

GRRL vacancies include Library Aide in Royalton and Buffalo.  More information on these openings here.

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