New Series! Strategies to Simplify

“Work simply. Live fully.” These are the words of Carson Tate, renowned author, coach, and expert on workplace productivity. Each week CMLE will focus on a particular tip from Work Simply (a book our staff love). We hope to summarize concepts and share manageable bites of information for you to try in your daily life. And of course, we hope you fall in love with the book too!

Your beginning activity: Discover your productivity style

work simply coverA main argument of Work Simply is that one-size-fits-all approaches to time management just don’t work. That is because people have natural inclinations for the ways they work. Instead of fighting against these inclinations, find out what they are and harness them to your benefit! You will need your type to work through this series!

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P.S. I found out I’m an Arranger (Angie). Finally, an explanation for my love of multi-colored pens! The other productivity styles include Prioritizer, Planner, and Visualizer.  So go ahead, take five, and learn more about your productivity style. Let us know in the comments if it is what you expected!