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We need you! (Yes, YOU! I’m talking specifically to you!)

MultilingualWe need your help!  We need to know if your library is doing tons of things for English Language Learners (Emerging Bilingual patrons), or what we can do across the state to help you to provide more materials, or if this is not an issue in your community!

If you are in a library, no matter what you do or your experience, we need you for this survey!

Two people will be randomly selected to each win a $30 gift card from Amazon, and everyone will be able to receive the results we find.

Below is the information about this survey.

Please take a few minutes to fill this out; and then share it with absolutely everyone in your library, and any other library person in the state of Minnesota!

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New Project Launched: MN Water Research Digital Library

Minnesota has a new digital repository, all about water research. The Minnesota Water Research Library has digital materials in PDF format and “provides one-stop access to all types of water research, enabling water managers, researchers, engaged citizens and others to easily find, share, and coordinate research to support their efforts to protect, conserve, manage and restore water in Minnesota.”

PALS (Project for Automated Library Systems) and the MN Water Research Library are looking forward to working together and providing an example to other state agencies looking for a way to manage their digital materials.

Read more about this project here!

Help us! Fill out a survey for CMLE!

MultilingualWe need your help! We are looking for information and experience from library people all across Minnesota – and that means you!

Below is the information about this survey; if you choose to take it, this will be given to you again on the first page.

Please take a few minutes to fill this out; and then please share it with absolutely everyone in your library, and any other library person in the state of Minnesota!

Two people will be randomly selected to each win a $30 gift card from Amazon, and everyone will be able to receive the results we find.

Thank you, in advance, for your help here!!


Minnesota residents speak more than one hundred languages at home.

Libraries of all types are working to serve their community members, including people speaking all of these languages. Serving Emerging Bilingual community members can present some challenges to the traditional library services you are already providing, as well as bringing in new strategies and ideas for providing service to your community.

Who are Emerging Bilingual community members? They may, or may not, already be using your library. They speak languages other than English as their first language, and are learning English or speaking it fluently as a second language (or third, or fourth!).

We want to know how it is going for you! We are interested in the things that are great – successes you have had, good resources you have found, community groups you have connected with. And we want to know where you see opportunities for improvement – resources, funding, training, time, and anything else that is an obstacle to your library providing outstanding service to everyone, regardless of language. Continue reading Help us! Fill out a survey for CMLE!

Survey: Awareness of Professional Ethics


I am writing to you on behalf of Sara Dallas, chair of ALA’s Committee on Professional Ethics with a request for your participation in a survey and for your help disseminating the invitation to any and all librarians. The purpose of this survey is to examine the awareness of professional ethics and principles within the LIS profession.  For the purposes of this survey, we will define professional ethics and principles to include access to information, intellectual freedom, privacy, copyright, and professional conduct.

I am sending this survey request to

  • ALA leadership, including councilors, divisions, and round tables (and their staff liaisons)
  • State Chapter Leadership
  • LM-Net, Publib, ARSL, ALISE

Please take a moment, in addition to taking the survey yourself, to share it with the listservs that you are a part of and the library related social media channels that you manage. Specifically, please invite local librarians that may not have professional memberships. Sara would like to be able to review results at Annual Conference so she is asking for a deadline of May 23, 2017.

Sincerely, liaison for the Committee on Professional Ethics,


Kristin Pekoll, Assistant Director

Office for Intellectual Freedom

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Censorship thrives in silence; silence is its aim. ~ James LaRue

Academic Libraries: Looking for Info on Scholarly Research!

From researcher Laura I. Spears, PhD:

Dear Colleagues:

Thanks to those who have already participated and for your responses to us about this study!  PLEASE share this link with ALL of your institution’s librarians and professional staff professional-level library employees regardless of appointment status, job type or educational credential – a diverse data pool
is key to our query!

In light of the increasing demand for scholarly research in libraries, we are seeking to explore the research training and supports for academic librarians to help effectively meet evidence-based decision making requirements and to balance human subject research standards.

This multi-method approach includes a survey of academic librarians; and, an examination of IRB standards and digital data collection research practices in ARL libraries.

You may access the online survey by clicking on this link or by copying and pasting the URL below into your Internet browser. The survey will close on Friday, May 5, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST.

Follow this link to the Survey:

This study has been approved by the UF Institutional Review Board
(IRB201700941). If you would like more information about this study, please contact Dr. Laura Spears, at or (352) 273-2711.

Thank you and best regards!

Laura I. Spears, PhD
Assessment Librarian
University of Florida Smathers Libraries
(352) 273-2711