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Best eBook readers of 2016

zEk8RJdmQrqja2XwbjgJ_DSC_2368It’s only May but PCMag is already separating the wheat from the chaff… eBook reader chaff that is. We all know about Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad, and their list includes those and all their versions, but the list also includes many other eReaders that you should consider. The article lists out all the specs and has price lists too. When you’re ready to zero in on a couple eReaders, they have full PCMag product reviews to give you all the details you need to make your decision.

Read the whole article now.

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Need help in making a green screen video?

Looking to create the next action epic? Or maybe you just want to engage your students in some fun creating? Look no further than Shakopee 1st grade teacher, Sara Connell’s post on how to use an iPad, the app Do Ink Green Screen, and a green colored sheet to make a great book trailer!

Her post has screen prints and simple instructions and after trying it a few times, only your imagination will be your limit! You can view a little clip of what Sara made here:
Little Red Hen Book Preview. Also, here is a typical screen shot from the process. Her walk-through has lots of these to help you along the way!


We’ve Learned


There is a Media Generalist opening in the Elk River School District. It is a .5 FTE opening at VandenBerge Middle School. View the position description now.

Rodger Lindgren, District Media Specialist, Aitkin Schools, Aitkin, MN, has retired this school year.

We’ve also learned that Angie Kalthoff and Sara Norman will be hosting some summer workshops. All classes will be at Discovery Elementary School in Waite Park and are for Primary/Elementary teachers. Topics include a variety of classes from iPad Basics for Teachers to Augmented Reality. Check out the link below for the list of all 7 classes:

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Tracking your free iPad

TabletsA free iPad as a student sounds like a pretty sweet deal. But imagine if that iPad was used by administrators to see if you went to class? That’s what students at Lynn University, a small institution in Boca Raton, Fla., are soon going to face. The University is “planning to try out a new app, called Class120, to “ping” its students’ iPads during class periods. If GPS or the campus wi-fi network indicates that someone’s device is not present, the app will send the student an automated reminder…”

The article by The Chronicle of Higher Education is an interesting read about student privacy, tech issues, and administrator needs.

What are your thoughts? We know a lot of schools are 1:1, are you using your devices to track students? Why or why not?

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50 Best iPad Apps for Reading Help

Image by flickingerbrad. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons' licensing.
Image by flickingerbrad. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons’ licensing.

While there are numerous technologies out there that can support parents and educators working with students, perhaps one of the richest is the iPad. It offers dozens of applications designed to meet the needs of a child with a reading disability and beginning readers alike.

Check out Teacherswithapp’s list of 50 great iPad apps to help students with reading, writing, and spelling, but also get a boost in confidence and learn to see school as fun!