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We need your Reader’s Advisory thoughts for the Podcast!

CMLE is always looking for new ways to share ideas and information with you; and we have added a podcast to our information streams! If you have not subscribed yet, here are instructions on subscribing to our weekly podcast, weekly newsletter, two online book groups, and assorted social media!

Next week, we are podcasting about Reader’s Advisory, and we want to be able to include your thoughts and ideas. We have a few questions below; and if you have other ideas or suggestions please add them in the comments or email them to us at admin@cme.org! (If you want your ideas to be anonymous, just mention that.)

Our Monthly Topic for March was Reader’s Advisory; so we have a collection of materials here for you to check out if you want some ideas, tools, and training opportunities in this arae.

CMLE is on the air!

You probably listen to a few podcasts already, or at least know about some of the biggies out there in the podcast world.  We have talked about library people who podcast, and podcasts you can use for workplace stress management. It’s a great way to share information – something we take very seriously here at CMLE Headquarters.

So we have begun our own podcast!

Our podcast is called Linking Our Libraries, in recognition of the work we do as a multitype system in linking our libraries to each other, to all sorts of information, and to us. Continue reading CMLE is on the air!

Podcasting – Jumping in Head First


check out Maria’s actual setup – pretty cool!

(by Guest Blogger Maria Burnham, from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School; read about our visit to her library!)

I’ve been a big fan of podcasts for a long time, and I love that podcasts are, once again, on the radar and a popular topic of conversation.  Several times over the last few months I’ve heard people say, “Have you listened to [insert podcast name]?  It’s so great!”  Podcasts sometimes feel like short little audio books; perfect snippets for those of us with limited spare time or those of us with commitment issues.  I listen to popular podcasts like Serial and Hidden Brain, literary podcasts like The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor, music podcasts like Tiny Desk, and book podcasts like Book Riot.

Recently, I decided that it was time to take podcasting into my own hands.  I’m an avid reader, and because of my role as the school’s “librarian” (even though that’s not my official title), I’m often asked to help others find a book.  In conjunction, I’m also in a high school setting which can sometimes be a finicky place to get reading traffic in to the library.  High schools aren’t like elementary and middle schools where classes of kids come down once a week to check books in and out.  Instead, I often rely on the roaming traveler in the book stacks or the rare, “My friend said I just HAVE to read this book!” for foot traffic.  Podcasting seemed like the logical blending of these two situations.  I could push out my book recommendations and at the same time try to create a bit more excitement about reading and the new books we have available.

Continue reading Podcasting – Jumping in Head First

STRESS! Let's listen to podcasts to help!

podcasts of happiness await you!

Stress affects everyone, and end-of-year stress can be particularly difficult. Many of us are struggling to finish up all our work for the end of the semester, or celebrating holidays and all that comes with it, in addition to dealing with every single other thing that was already driving us crazy all year long! Patrons have less patience, money is suddenly tighter, and all kinds of extra programs can just cause even the best-balanced library person to hit a breaking point.

CMLE is here to help you. This month we will provide all kinds of information about stress, to help you learn more about it, and learn some strategies for managing stress. You cannot stop stress from happening, but we can all learn better ways to increase our resilience so stress does not knock us out!

One easy way to help is to listen to podcasts.

Of course, there are all kinds of librarian podcasts out there, and we recommend those as nice way to keep up with interesting things happening in the profession!

And there are podcasts you can listen to that will help you address your stress in a productive way. Continue reading STRESS! Let's listen to podcasts to help!

Podcast recap of ALA Conference

In case you weren’t able to attend ALA’s 2016 Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida that took place in June, take a listen to this podcast!

Host Phil Morehart presents Episode Four of ALA’s Dewey Decibal podcast series that hopes to bring the convention to you. The podcast features interviews with a variety of staffers and speakers, including Peter Coyl and Michael Eric Dyson. Hosts also interview some of the 16,000 librarians and library professionals right from the conference floor, where they speak about their experience and the role they play in the world of libraries. Hearing the background noise and excitement in the voices of the attendees help to transport you to the energy of the conference.

Don’t miss Episode Five of the Dewey Decibal series, now available, with a focus on library architecture and design.