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Have you checked CMLE’s Continuing Education calendar lately?

As library people, we love knowledge and learning! If you are looking for some professional Continuing Education opportunities, hopefully you know about CMLE’s calendar!

The calendar is located on our Continuing Education page, which features a Google calendar that is updated daily with new learning opportunities. We include a variety of events like webinars, online courses, in-person conferences, workshops, and yes, even free opportunities!

The page also has links to organizations like Library Juice, TIES, and the AASL’s eAcademy that offer their own training and development opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in a Continuing Education event but struggling with the financial aspect, don’t forget CMLE offers scholarships!

ARSL Conference News: Lodging and Keynote Speakers

The 2017 conference for the Association for Rural and Small Libraries takes place from Sept. 6th – 9th and will be in St. George, Utah this year. Since many of CMLE’s member libraries are small or in rural locations, we thought this conference might be of interest to you! And don’t forget, we have scholarships available to help you attend these sorts of professional opportunities!

Registration for the conference isn’t open until April 3rd, but you are encouraged to make hotel reservations now!

The keynote speakers for the event are bestselling authors Richard Paul Evans and Brandon Mull.

Find more information about the conference on their website.

Get information on libraries: Listserves

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Subscribing to listservs is an easy way to keep up with news from around the profession. It’s always valuable to have a variety of information from people who do what you do, and who talk about things that might be useful in your library!

There are literally dozens of listserves focused on your professional interests, filled with ideas for making your skills stronger and to improve the services you can offer to your community. Continue reading Get information on libraries: Listserves

Want to give back? Volunteer with RUSA!

The RUSA Reference Services Section is looking for committee volunteers.  Members of RSS committees participate in a range of virtual and in-person activities.  These include:

  • Organizing programs
  • Hosting discussion forums
  • Writing and maintaining RUSA Guidelines and Professional Resources that help libraries nationally
  • Developing tutorials, compiling indexes, and writing articles

If you are interested in joining a committee, complete the RUSA Volunteer Form and select RSS at the very bottom of the application.  You may also contact me, the RSS vice-chair, directly.

If you are presently on an RSS committee and your term ends in 2017, please also complete a volunteer form.  Maybe you want to be reappointed to the same committee or you would like to volunteer for a different committee.  If so, you can indicate that on your volunteer form, or, again, you can contact me, the vice-chair.

RSS is dedicated to providing value to its members, including virtual participation.  This allows the flexibility to be active in a national professional organization without the financial commitment to travel to multiple conferences. RSS committees regularly meet online and only meet once face-to-face each year at the ALA Annual Conference.

Please consider volunteering to take an active role in RUSA/RSS.  It truly is rewarding.

Thank you,


Rebecca Jackson, Associate Professor

Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, RUSA Reference Services Section

Head, Social Sciences & Humanities Dept.

Iowa State University Library



MANGO/NMRT Professional Development Grant

Apply Now for the 2017 MANGO/NMRT Professional Development Grant

Deadline: Tuesday, March 7, 2016 at 5 pm (EST)

We are excited to announce that members of ALA’s New Members Round Table (NMRT) can apply to receive a $1000 grant, which will assist with expenses to attend the ALA Annual Conference, June 22 – June 27, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. This award is generously sponsored by MANGO Languages.

You must be a current member of NMRT in order to apply. To join NMRT, visit the ALA website and follow the “Join ALA” link to add NMRT to your ALA membership, it is well worth the low cost!  Successful applicants will show their attendance at ALA will impact their home institution, NMRT or another ALA organization, and their personal professional development.

Click Here to go to the application.

Questions? Please contact Katy Holder, Chair of the NMRT Professional Development Grant Committee, at holderk4@winthrop.edu.