Vote! Let’s have another social event!

The first one was so fun, we are already looking forward to the next one!

Members have requested that we move this around, to be sure everyone gets a chance to easily attend and enjoy dinner together. So we are setting up a vote, to let people give their ideas on a place you would like to visit for our March gathering. This will be the week of March 13, maybe Wednesday night (depending on the reservations available).

We have picked out a few places, all with good Yelp ratings and comments. Vote for the one that sounds tastiest to you, or that you have been meaning to try, or that you already love, or just sounds like a fun place to chat with your colleagues! (In some  smaller places, now and in the future, we might have to spread our group out. No problem for us! We can have fun chatting in smaller groups, and get to know each other in person as well as online!)

And if you have other thoughts, share them in the comment section, add them to the contact form, or email them to us at Headquarters.