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American Libraries Association Annual Conference: Chicago June 2017

ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition, Chicago, June 22-27, 2017. Transforming our libraries, ourselves.

At CMLE we always encourage people to attend conferences. It’s a great way to keep up on interesting developments in the profession, to find people who do what you do professionally, and to enjoy yourself with a bunch of other library people! You can learn things, meet people, and make all kinds of connections in a way that takes longer and is harder to do online.

Note: The Minnesota Library Association Annual Conference, and the ITEM Annual Conference are both coming up in October!! We have scholarship money for you, to help defray the cost! These are just great opportunities for you, no matter what you do in a library; so consider attending! You can always contact us here at CMLE to ask questions about conferences, to talk about ideas you have, or just to get tips on attending.

Below is a quick recap of my trip to the ALA Annual Conference. This is such a huge conference that any individual look at it is just overwhelming with the amount of possible things to do, people to meet, and information to absorb! Browse around the website for yourself, to find all kinds of info; and check on social media to follow the #ALALeftBehind hashtag. If you are in a library or archive or museum or history center, or even if you just like books – this is YOUR conference!!

It is held this week  every year – please check it out for yourself in future years! There is also a Midwinter conference every year in late January, where the focus is on vendor exhibits and meetings with committees. Check out the meeting locations for the next ten years, so you can start making plans to attend now! (There are several coming up in Chicago over the next few years; this is ALA’s home, and being so close to us is a real bonus!)

There were more than 700 vendors at this conference, and you can see them all here. Hundreds of authors were there; you can see them all here. Over 2,000 sessions were held, on every topic you can imagine (and some that will boggle your mind!); you can browse all of them here. Whether or not you were able to attend a session, if something seems really important to you, or valuable to your work, or you just get excited about the topic, you can contact the presenter directly (do some Googling!)  and ask for information or slides or any handouts. Most presenters are happy to share their information – that is why they are at the conference. And as a frequent conference presenter myself, I can say that it feels great when people are interested in your work!

We will have all kinds of material available here at CMLE HQ; so feel free to come look through it all! Yes, I also picked up a lot of giveaways for you guys! We will be distributing out Advance Reader Copies (ACRs) of books not yet published, all kinds of pins to show library pride, posters, and other assorted items! (I have a plastic sandwich holder for some lucky person!) We will get some of this up on our website, so you know what we have available; but don’t hesitate to stop by and just browse! We have two large flat-rate post office boxes full of stuff, plus my backpack jammed full of things, plus a Trader Joe’s canvas bag stuffed with material we want to share with you. Make our distribution work easier by coming over to browse for yourself!

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Are you going to the ALA Annual Conference? Let’s meet!

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Are you going to the ALA conference? Me too!

If you are interested in having a small gathering of Minnesota people, all out and enjoying ourselves at the lovely conference, you can email me or fill out the form below. We can set up a time and place to get together for coffee or something in McCormick Center, in between all the myriad of activities!

If you are not attending, no worries on being left out of the fun! You can follow the hashtag #ALALeftBehind on social media, and get information from attendees and from ALA. Many of the programs will be available in some format to you after the conference is over, so stay tuned to it!

Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

European Studies Research Forum at ALA Annual Conference in Chicago

(Even if you are not attending ALA, it’s good to know some of the cool things going on! You can always check the hastag: #ALALeftBehind to follow all kinds of good discussions during the conference!)

Saturday, June 24th, 4:30-5:30pm
Chicago Hilton, Stevens Center, Salon A-5

Sponsored by the ACRL West European Studies Research and Planning Committee


Gordon B. Anderson (University of Minnesota)

Books under Suspicion: Identifying Nazi-looted books in German library collections

Despite the persistent image of the Nazis being burners of books, in fact they valued books enormously and used them in countless ways to achieve their ideological and racial objectives.  Being pathological kleptocrats, the Nazis stole everything from their enemies. During the years 1933-1945 they looted millions upon millions of books from personal and institutional libraries for deposit into Nazi-run “research institutes” and for acquisition by German libraries.  While settling many issues, the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany, also opened up issues long ignored, especially the issues in restoring looted property and wealth. In late 1998, 44 governments (including Germany) and 13 NGOs adopted the Washington Principles on Holocaust Era Assets, which included the restitution of looted books and archives. Since 2002, with German government support, libraries across Germany have undertaking projects to identify looted books in their collections and make amends.  In the spring of 2017 I visited several German libraries, and this paper is a report on their ongoing efforts and the dynamics of the process. I offer a preliminary assessment of their efforts to untangle and de-mystify the origins of many of their holdings.

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Call for live bloggers at the 2017 Annual Conference

“In just a few short weeks, librarians will head to Chicago for ALA’s Annual Conference. This event includes a full line-up of ALSC programs, including the President’s Program & Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder Awards Banquet, hundreds of exhibits to explore, and much more. We’d love it if you would consider being a live blogger!

If YOU are heading to the Conference in June, consider sharing your experiences on the ALSC Blog so everyone—especially those #leftbehind—can have a feel for what the conference is like.

Sound interesting? Contact Mary Voors, ALSC Blog manager, at alscblog@gmail.com, for all the information you need to volunteer as a live blogger from the conference.


Mary R. Voors
ALSC Blog manager


RUSA Conference Preview Webinar 6/7 at 2 ET

Going to Chicago for ALA Annual? Attend our Conference Preview Webinar to hear about RUSA programs and events, get travel tips from locals, and get a sneak peak of the President’s program from David Lankes, author of the Atlas of New Librarianship and The New Librarianship Field Guide.

Date: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Time: 2-3 p.m. ET (1 CT/12 MT/11 PT)

URL: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2013048&password=M.1F5D784D856F1A7B6D3621A8FB8270

Amber Prentiss

Chair, Membership Committee, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)