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The St Paul Snowblower Ballet!

This is my first Minnesota winter, and it’s very exciting to see how much everyone embraces the cold! And I was completely charmed to see this existing as a real thing – not some fevered too-much-cold-weather dream: a snowblower ballet.

Their slogan: The Drudgery of snow removal becomes performance art. Because it’s Minnesota.

The beauty of falling snow has inspired artists ranging from poet Robert Frost to painter Pieter Bruegel.

But what about the aesthetic value in getting rid of the stuff?
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Learn about these 13 unusual holiday traditions from around the world!

christmas cookie
Learn cool holiday facts!

Do you find yourself lacking in conversational topics this holiday season? (If you are a librarian, you have all sorts of interesting knowledge, so probably not, but just in case!) Reader’s Digest Canada compiled this slideshow of intriguing holiday traditions that are celebrated in different places around the world. Don’t be put off by the goofiness of Number One – they are fun to learn about and the pictures are great too!

For a kids version of worldwide winter holiday celebrations, check out this article from National Geographic Kids, where they cover holidays from Hanukkah to the Chinese New Year.

Discover books about old Yule traditions

Snow Tracks
What sort of creatures are roaming through the snow in winter?

Interested in reading some winter books that aren’t holiday themed? This article from Book Riot should help you out! The article includes several books that delve into some of the older traditions of the winter season. Daylight is short, and the nights are extra dark and long, so it seems logical that some spooky and mystical traditions exist during the season!

the-old-magic-of-christmas-yuletide-book-cover-linda-raedischOne of the books, The Old Magic of Christmas: Yuletide Traditions for the Darkest Days of the Year even includes cookie recipes and craft ideas alongside it’s description of the enchanted creatures of the season.



four-seasons-of-mojoThe list also thoughtfully makes a suggestion for your probably stressed-out body with Four Seasons of Mojo: An Herbal Guide to Natural Living that includes techniques to help with winter-related ailments like colds, flu, and depression.


legend-of-old-befanaFinally, since it’s likely you will be around some kids at some point during the winter season, you can’t go wrong with Tomie dePaola’s The Legend of Old Befana which tells the traditional Italian story of an old woman and her flight to find the baby Jesus.


life-and-adventures-of-santa-clausExtra credit: Not included on the list in the article, but also incorporating enchanted creatures and magical forests (although technically, yes, it is about Santa) is L. Frank Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus which I grew up enjoying!




Do you know of any Yule or traditional winter folk books that we should be reading? Tell us in the comments!

St. Cloud State Library Adds Full Spectrum Lighting

scsu_full_lightsWe all know its coming, and we can’t do anything to stop it… WINTER! With days getting shorter and nights getting longer, the Library at St. Cloud State University decided to do something about it. Partnering with the Counseling and Psychological Services, they recently announced the addition of full spectrum lighting in a beach-like area of  the Library. The video below shows you the area and has interviews with happy SCSU students who are excited about using the lights this winter.

Many people in the library world are looking for more partnering and collaborative opportunities. The Dean of the Library, Mark Vargas, and his staff show us that sometimes those partnerships may come from areas not typically used. Do you have examples of great or different partnerships you’ve found for your library? Share them in the comments!

MEMO 2014 March Conference: Registration is Open!

MEMOConferenceInformation and technology educators (we mean YOU) are expected to be leaders when it comes to navigating the new territory that is 21st century education, but how do you keep up with it all? By attending this one-day conference in the beautiful city of Duluth, of course! Join us to learn about the latest in technology integration, collaboration, digital resources and more. Our keynote speaker will be Mark Garrison, along with a variety of sessions on Common Core, Tech Integration, Collaboration, 24/7 Learning, Digital Resources, Digital Footprint and Responsibility and more.

Visit http://memotech.ning.com/page/2014-march-conference for more information (schedule, bio for the keynote, and more to come)

Visit http://www.tfaforms.com/314575 to register. (All library/technology/education folks are welcome!)

We’re still accepting session proposals – this smaller venue would be a great starter-conference for those new to presenting or an easy setting for you veterans. Come share your knowledge!

Questions? Contact admin@memoweb.org.

See you in Duluth!!


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